A Tale-Not a Tail Questions & Answers

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A Tale-Not a Tail Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is a tale?

Answer: A tale is a story.

Question 2: What did Jimmy not like to do?

Answer: Jimmy did not like to read or to spell.

Question 3: What did Jimmy like?

Answer: Jimmy liked somebody to read to him. He liked listening to the stories that his mother told him.

Question 4: Why did Jimmy write to the Brownie? What did he spell wrongly?

Answer: Jimmy wrote to the Brownie because he wanted the Brownie to give him a very long tale – a tale that would go on and on. He spelt the word ‘tale’ wrongly.

Question 5: What happened to Jimmy?

Answer: When Jimmy woke up next morning, he found something very long and furry around his legs. He stood up and found that it was a fine, long tail.

Question 6: What did Jimmy ask the Brownie to do?

Answer: Jimmy wrote to the Brownie again. This time he wanted the Brownie to take away his ‘tail’ and give him a long ‘tale’ instead.

Question 7: Why do you think Jimmy is the best at spelling in his class now?

Answer: Jimmy is now the best at spelling in his class now, because he has understood that spelling a word wrong may lead to something one would not like at all, like waking up with a tail one morning.

Question 8: Pick out one proper noun from the story.

Answer: Jimmy

Question 9: Pick out three common nouns from the story.

Answer: Tail, monkey and dog.

Question 10: Pick out three verbs from the story.

Answer: Look, went and goes.

Question 11: Pick out two adjectives from the story.

Answer: Brown, furry and long.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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