A Tiny Seed Questions & Answers

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A Tiny Seed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was Wangari from?

Answer: Wangari was from Kenya.

Question 2: Where and with whom she works?

Answer: She worked in the field with her mother.

Question 3: What did Wangari use to do in the fields?

Answer: In the fields, Wangari used to do dig up the soil and press tiny seeds into the earth.

Question 4: Why didn’t Wangari’s parents want to send her to school?

Answer: Wangari’s parents didn’t want to send her to school because they wanted Wangari to help them.

Question 5: Who helped Wangari to go school?

Answer: When Wangari was seven years old, her big brother spoke to her parents and told them to send her to school.

Question 6: Why was Wangari invited to the USA?

Answer: Wangari was very clever and did so well at school that she was invited to study in USA.

Question 7: What did Wangari learn in America?

Answer: Wangari learnt about plants and how they grow in America.

Question 8: What did Wangari remember about her home country?

Answer: Wangari remembered how she played games with her brothers in the shade of the trees in the beautiful Kenyan forests.

Question 9: How was Wangari rewarded for her work?

Answer: Wangari was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for her work.

Question 10: How do you know that Wangari was very interested in learning and was very good at studies?

Answer: Wangari learned more and more with every book and she remembered everything and did well at school.

Question 11: How did Wangari make her country green again?

Answer: Wangari began to teach women to plant trees from seeds and to care for them and the land. Moreover, for every seed that grew into a plant and then a tree, the women were given money. As time passed, the new trees grew into forests and Kenya became green once again.

Question 12: Why did the women feel happy?

Answer: The women were given money for every seed that they grew into a plant and then a tree. They used that money to look after their families. The women were happy as Wangari helped them feel powerful and strong.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:

“In a village on the slopes of a mountain in Kenya, a little girl worked in the fields.”

(a) Who was this ‘little girl’?

Answer: This little girl was Wangari.

(b) What did she do in the fields?

Answer: She dug up the soil and pressed tiny seeds.

Question 14: Read and answer the questions:

The more she learnt, the more she remembered her Kenyan home.

(a) Who is she?

Answer: ‘She’ is Wangari.

(b) What did she learn?

Answer: She learnt many new things. She learnt about plants and how they grow.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:

“But her country had changed.”

(a) Whose country had changed?

Answer: Wangari’s country had changed.

(b) In what way had it changed?

Answer: It had changed in the following ways:

i. Forest had been destroyed.
ii. Rivers had dried up.
iii. Food was hard to find.

So, these were A Tiny Seed Questions & Answers.

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