About Dreamland Questions & Answers

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About Dreamland Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Castle – large building
  • Stair – step
  • Sucked – absorbed
  • Find – search

Question 1: How can one enter Dreamland’s castle?

Answer: We can enter the Dreamland’s castle with ladders and stairs in the cloud.

Question 2: Describe the castle in Dreamland.

Answer: In the Dreamland castle, there are lots of pictures which are good and in the ground are bad dreams.

Question 3: Read these lines and answer the questions.

You can choose any one of the pictures That you want, so relax and take your time.

(a) What pictures is the poet talking about?

Answer: The poet is talking about the pictures that are in Dreamland castle. These pictures are our dreams.

(b) How many pictures can we choose at a time?

Answer: The poet asks us to take our time while choosing so that we can choose one good dream picture.

(c) What do you think will happen if we do not choose carefully?

Answer: If we do not choose carefully, we might end up in bad dreams.

Question 4: What according to the poet are dreams made of?

Answer: According to the poet, dreams are made of our life’s happenings, what is, what was and what might be even if it is good or bad.

Question 5: Why is it important to watch your step in the land of dreams?

Answer: It is important to watch our step so that we don’t get sucked into the ground in bad dreams.

Question 6: Give another word for ‘bad dreams’.

Answer: Bad dreams are also called night mares.

Question 7: What are the people in Dreamland’s castle doing?

Answer: The people in Dreamland’s castle are finding dreams and jumping into the pictures.

Question 8: Read these lines and answer the questions.

And now, I will leave you tonight, and every night.

(a) Where will the poet leave us?

Answer: The poet would leave us in the kingdom of Dreamland.

(b) What advice does the poet leave us with?

Answer: The poet advised us to jump into good dreams.

(c) What are the poet’s last words before he leaves us?

Answer: The poet’s last words are sleep well and good night.

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