Imagination Questions & Answers

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Imagination Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Daily grind – everyday routine
  • Deed – action
  • Fantasy – make believe
  • Pirate – raider
  • Vivid – colourful

Question 1: Which adjective does the poet use to describe his imagination when he was a child?

Answer: The poet used ‘vivid’ to describe his imagination when he was a child.

Question 2: How did the poet escape the ‘daily grind’?

Answer: The poet escaped the daily grinding through reading.

Question 3: Read these lines and answer the questions.

These simple things did me please.

(a) What were the simple things that pleased the poet?

Answer: Pretending to be a pirate and a cowboy were the simple things that pleased the poet.

(b) How did these simple things help the poet?

Answer: Simple things helped the poet to escape the daily grind.

(c) Did the poet, at any point, stop loving these things?

Answer: When the poet grew up and became serious, he was unable to do ‘simple things’ but he insists that he still enjoys them.

Question 4: Which countries and continents does the poet mention in the poem?

Answer: In the poem, the poet mentioned America and Africa. The poet visited Africa with Dr Livingstone and America with Huckleberry Finn.

Question 5: Did the poet truly become a ‘Hero of all the Nations’?

Answer: The poet became a ‘Hero of all the Nations’ in his imaginary world.

Question 6: What drove the poet ‘around the bend’?

Answer: Becoming serious drove the poet around the bend.

Question 7: Read these lines and answer the questions.

In my world of fantasy and imagination I performed such wonderful deeds.

(a) Name all those who accompanied him on his imaginative journey.

Answer: Dr Livingstone and Huckleberry Finn accompanied the poet on his journey.

(b) When did the poet’s world of fantasy and imagination thrive?

Answer: The poet’s world of fantasy and imagination thrived when he was a little child.

Question 8: What ‘message’ is the poet trying to send through this poem? Has he been successful in sending the message across? Explain your answer in a paragraph.

Answer: Through the poem, the poet is trying to send a message that books helped him escape to imaginary lands, travel and have various adventures. The poet felt he could be any character; he wanted to travel anywhere and achieve anything he wanted to. When the poet grew up, he had become more serious. The poet suggests that we should hold on to that aspect of childhood that keeps us to imagine and use our imagination. The poet became a great author because of his imagination.

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