Settling In Questions & Answers

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Settling In Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Chiming – melodious ringing sound
  • Annex – a portion of a building joined to a main building
  • Reassuring – putting at ease
  • Lopsided – slanted
  • Attic – a small place below the roof of a house
  • Odds and ends – small unimportant things
  • Anxiety – a feeling of nervousness
  • Scorched – burnt  
  • Codeine – a medicine used to treat cough
  • Tacked – fixed in place with tacks

Question 1: How did Anne feel about being in hiding?

Answer: Anne did not feel at home but the same time she did not hate staying here and she really did not know what she felt about being in hiding.

Question 2: Describe the Annex where Anne lived.

Answer: The Annex was damp and lopsided but still comfortable. Anne decorated the bare walls with pictures and postcards.

Question 3: Read these lines and answer the questions.

It’s really not that bad here.

(a) Which place is referred to as ‘here’?

Answer: ‘The Annex’ is referred to as here.

(b) Why was the speaker there?

Answer: The speaker and her family were hiding there from the Nazi party so that they were not caught and sent to the concentration camp.

(c) What does this line say about the speaker’s nature?

Answer: This line says that the speaker is a positive thinker. She was mature and strong despite facing so many hardships.

Question 4: How did the Frank family get news of the outside world?

Answer: The Frank family got news of the outside world through the radio in a private office.

Question 5: Why was Margot forbidden to cough at night?

Answer: Margot was forbidden to cough at night, so that people outside would not be able to hear them and discover their hiding place.

Question 6: Read these lines and answer the questions.

Whatever we do, we’re very afraid the neighbours might hear or see us.

(a) Who is ‘us’ in this line?

Answer: Frank family is ‘us’ in this line.

(b) Why were they scared of being heard?

Answer: They were scared of being heard because they did not want to be discovered.

(c) What would happen if they were heard?

Answer: If they were heard people found out they were hiding, they would be caught and sent to the concentration camps of Nazi’s.

Question 7: What was Anne’s worst fear?

Answer: Anne’s worst fear was that someone would hear or see them.

Question 8: Why did Anne say they would not be bored?

Answer: Anne said that they would not be bored, because there was a lot of activity they could do, especially when Van Daans arrived. They could listen to the radio, read, play games and they had already canned lots of rhubarb, strawberries and cherries.

So, these were Settling In Questions & Answers.