An Island Of Trees Questions & Answers

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An Island Of Trees Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • String cot – a simple cot made of bamboo and rope
  • Laburnum – trees with bright yellow flowers
  • Spy on – here, watch without being seen
  • Shrill nagging cry – here, high-pitched cry that could be heard again and again
  • Shouting up and up the scale – shouting louder and louder
  • Scrubland – area covered with short vegetation
  • Verdure – greenery, flourishing vegetation
  • Cicadas – insects with large wings that produced a high-pitched drone
  • Poky little house – tiny, cramped house
  • Pheasant – a long-tailed bird that lives in thick bushes

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What were Koki and her grandmother doing under the shade of the jackfruit tree?

i. They were enjoying the cool breeze.
ii. Koki was listening to her grandmother’s stories.
iii. Grandmother was narrating incidents about her father and his love for tress.
iv. Grandmother was telling Koki why she must respect the flora and fauna around her.

(b) The tendril moved away from Grandmother’s feet towards her father’s because

i. Grandmother kicked it.
ii. her father pulled it.
iii. it liked to keep moving.
iv. it was fond of her father.

(c) Grandmother’s father understood and liked trees because he

i. was an old man.
ii. had worked in the Indian Forest Service.
iii. was a gardener.
iv. was a forester.

(d) Koki’s great-grandfather could not create a forest in the scrubland as

i. the grazing cattle ate up the saplings.
ii. there was no water.
iii. the plants were weak.
iv. the birds would not let the saplings grow.

(e) Koki’s grandmother helped her father plant trees because

i. she loved her father.
ii. a world without trees was a nightmare for her.
iii. she had nothing better to do.
iv. she wanted people to see the trees.

(f) “It was like touching the hands of old friends.” ‘Old friends’ here are the

i. parrots
ii. deer
iii. pheasants
iv. trees

Question 2: What was so special about the temple around the peepul tree?

Answer: The temple was rebuilt around the peepul tree in such a way that the tree was protecting the temple and the temple was protecting the tree. People of the nearby area used to believe that there was a friendly spirit dwelling there. So, they used to bring offerings of flowers and leave them at the base of the tree.

Question 3: Who were Grandmother’s friends in the banyan tree?

Answer: Grandmother’s friends in the banyan tree were squirrels who became quite bold to accept food from her hand and hawk-cuckoo whose shrill nagging cry kept her awake on hot summer nights.

Question 4: Why did Grandmother’s father think it was important to plant trees?

Answer: Grandmother’s father thought it was important to plant trees on earth for the birds and animals who live on it and need more food and shelter. Trees are not only important for mankind, wild creatures but also for keeping the desert away, for attracting rain, for preventing the banks of rivers from being washed away, etc.

Question 5: What attracted Koki’s great-grandfather to the island in the river? What did it result in?

Answer: A young tamarind tree was growing in the middle of island which attracted Koki’s great-grandfather. Koki’s great-grandfather said, “If a tamarind can grow here, so can other trees. As a result, when the monsoon arrived, he along with Koki planted a number of mango, laburnum, hibiscus and coral tree saplings on the island.

So, these were An Island Of Trees Questions & Answers.

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