Towards Peace Questions & Answers

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Towards Peace Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct options. You may choose more than one option.

(a) Wangari Maathai’s passion for trees came from

i. her grandmother and other family members.
ii. the beautiful land she grew up in.
iii. the respect she had for nature.
iv. her love for the fig tree.

(b) Wangari Maathai could have led a comfortable life because she

i. had a good education
ii. had a good job
iii. was a teacher
iv. had studied in the USA

(c) Wangari realized that the lush landscape around her home had been destroyed by

i. the government
ii. the people
iii. deforestation
iv. the dying of trees

(d) The dots that Wangari Maathai connected were

i. the relationship between her people.
ii. the relation between trees, democracy and people’s rights.
iii. the relation between trees, people’s rights, democracy and peace.
iv. a list of events in her homeland that took place while she was away.

(e) Wangari Maathai said, “It acknowledges the work of countless individuals and groups across the world.” She means the prize recognizes

i. the work the Nobel committee does.
ii. the contribution of people all over the world who have helped her in her work.
iii. the unrecognized work of people in saving the environment and promoting human rights and peace.
iv. all the hard work the people of Kenya and the world do.

(f) Wangari Maathai found planting trees was a way of

i. undoing environmental damage.
ii. popularizing the movement for sustainable development.
iii. helping African women earn money.
iv. sustaining people’s interest in and commitment to the movement.

Question 2: Wangari realized that to overcome hunger and lack of water, they needed to reforest area. What did she feel they had to do for successful reforestation?

Answer: Wangari realized that the first and the most important step was to plant trees. With this began the Green Belt Movement and a small nursery that grew into a large organization. The organization has planted millions of trees in Africa. Wangari continued her struggle against deforestation in spite of the hurdles and continued to protest against schemes that could harm the environment.

Question 3: List the ways in which tree planting help Wangari’s movement.

Answer: Planting trees helped provide food, fuel and shelter to the people. Plant products helped the people generate income to support children, their education and provide for basic household needs. Most importantly, women gained some degree of power as a result of Wangari’s movement.

Towards Peace Questions & Answers

Question 4: How do Commercial plantations affect the environment?

Answer: Commercial plantations adversely affect clean water and healthy food. As cash crops bring quick money, cultivable lands are used to build highrise buildings. As a result, the poor are pushed towards hunger and poverty.

Question 5: Wangari was very successful; and could have led a peaceful and comfortable life. Do you think this is true? Why? Why did she not lead a comfortable life?

Answer: Wangari had a good education and had won a scholarship to go to the US for further studies. Had she wanted, she could have gone further with that. But she chose to return to Kenya after she finished college in the US. She found that deforestation had caused malnutrition and famine struck the country. People were hungry and she felt a moral responsibility to help her country. She was not a selfish person, so she took it upon herself to revive the living conditions of the people around her through her own efforts and also educating the people around her despite opposition from the government.

Question 6: According to Wangari Maathai, where do the solutions to our problems come from? In what way is it different from what the people believed?

Answer: Wangari believed that most of the solutions would have to come from within us whereas most of the people thought that the solution would come from somewhere outside. Wangari enlightened the people about the importance of making efforts to bring about the change that we want to see instead of sitting and waiting for something to happen.

Question 7: Pick out the paragraph in Wangari’s speech where she connects the preservation of the environment with world peace.

Answer: Sustainable development would ensure that development does not come at the cost of economic parity and equality. It would mean that when a society or a nation develops, the environment remains healthy and grows at the same time and the various sections of the society will grow without some being pushed to poverty or hunger. So, with sustainable development, every individual will be able to exercise and enjoy her/his rights and that is what the true meaning of democracy is. When democracy can be practiced in its true sense, harmony and peace will quite naturally result from it. Protect the environment – manage it well in a healthy way – basic needs for a healthy living are taken care of – once this is achieved, our democratic rights are guaranteed, there will not be any conflict – then comes naturally the world peace.

So, these were Towards Peace Questions & Answers.

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