An Operation Questions & Answers

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An Operation Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Prem Nath was a big ___________.

(a) doctor
(b) industrialist
(c) engineer
(d) teacher

2. Ranjan spent a large amount of money on his ____________.

(a) brothers
(b) parents
(c) relatives
(d) friends

3. Prem Nath took into his confidence his _________ and a doctor.

(a) wife
(b) daughter
(c) friend
(d) son

4. The doctor said that Ranjan’s father had ____________.

(a) cancer
(b) diabetes
(c) brain tumour
(d) T.B.

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Ranjan’s father owned a few mills and factories – False
2. Ranjan finally came to know that his friends were ungrateful – True
3. Ranjan did not blame himself for his father’s illness – False
4. Ranjan’s father recovered after a real surgery – False

Question 3: Fill in the blanks:

1. Ranjan’s father helped the poor and the needy.
2. Ranjan spent a lot of money on his friends.
3. Ranjan’s father asked Ranjan to call the doctor.
4. The brain tumour was said to have developed because of excessive thinking.
5. The following day Ranjan got up early and got ready.

Question 4: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. Ranjan was(a) the son and the mother waited outside.
2. The father pretended(b) got up early and got ready.
3. At the hospital(c) to have a chest pain.
4. Ranjan’s realising his mistake(d) a spendthrift.
5. The following day Ranjan(e) removed his father’s concern.
Answer: 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-e, 5-b

Question 5: What did Prem Nath own?

Answer: Prem Nath owned a number of mills and factories.

Question 6: Whom did Prem Nath take into his confidence in his plan?

Answer: Prem Nath took into his confidence his wife and a doctor in his plan.

Question 7: What did Prem Nath pretend to have?

Answer: Prem Nath pretended to have a chest pain.

Question 8: Where was Prem Nath to be admitted?

Answer: Prem Nath was to be admitted to a hospital.

Question 9: What kind of nature did Prem Nath have?

Answer: Prem Nath was rich and kind.

Question 10: What kind of nature did Ranjan have?

Answer: Ranjan was a spendthrift and he was not at all hard-working.

Question 11: When did Ranjan realise that his friends were ungrateful?

Answer: Ranjan realised that his friends were ungrateful, when he asked them to help him arrange the blood for his father. All of them refused to help him by giving some kind of excuses.

Question 12: How did Ranjan feel when he sat on the bench, sobbing?

Answer: Ranjan felt repentful and cursed himself when he sat on the bench sobbing and his head hung down in shame.

Question 13: What advice did Prem Nath give his son?

Answer: Prem Nath advised his son and asked him not to waste time and money on such friends because they won’t help him in his time at need.

Question 14: What did Ranjan tell the doctor when he realised that his father was right?

Answer: Ranjan told the doctor to do the surgery and save his father’s life at any cost and any circumstances. He asked him not to worry about the money.

Question 15: What changes were noticed in Ranjan after his father told him that he had been cured?

Answer: Ranjan realised his mistake and was ready to take the responsibility. Seeing his father getting cured, he touched his feet and requested him to give the keys of the office.

So, these were An Operation Questions & Answers.

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