Shakuntala Questions & Answers

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Shakuntala Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The moon looks like a __________ in the air.

(a) bulb
(b) lamp
(c) CFL
(d) torch

2. Rishi Kanva brought the baby to his ____________.

(a) village
(b) house
(c) ashram
(d) palace

3. Shakuntala was very fond of small animals like………………………

(a) giraffe
(b) zebra
(c) elephants
(d) rabbits

4. King Dushyant gave Shakuntala a ___________ as a token of his love.

(a) ring
(b) bracelet
(c) necklace
(d) bangle

5. The shopkeeper found the ring in the stomach of a ___________.

(a) crocodile
(b) fish
(c) frog
(d) deer

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. King Dushyant met Shakuntala in an old town – False
2. King Dushyant returned to his kingdom alone after marrying Shakuntala – True
3. The ring given by Dushyant slipped from Shakuntala’s finger – True
4. Shakuntala gave birth to a beautiful daughter – False

Question 3: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. King Dushyant married Shakuntala(a) her son Bharata.
2. Rishi Durvasa(b) the king had forgotten Shakuntala.
3. According to the curse,(c) the king remembered Shakuntala.
4. Shakuntala named(d) according to the gandharva system.
5. On seeing the ring,(e) asked Shakuntala for alms.
Answer: 1-d, 2-e, 3-b, 4-a, 5-c

Question 4: Fill in the blanks:

1. A peacock spread its wings over the small baby.
2. King Dushyant came to the ashram, chasing an animal.
3. Rishi Durvasa gave Shakuntala a curse.
4. Rishi Kanva sent Shakufltala to King Dushyant’s palace.

Question 5: What did Rishi Kanva find one day?

Answer: One day, Rishi Kanva found a small baby girl lying in a deep forest.

Question 6: Chasing what did King Dushyant come to the ashram?

Answer: King Dushyant came to the ashram while chasing a deer.

Question 7: Who proposed whom for marriage?

Answer: King Dushyant proposed Shakuntala for marriage.

Question 8: What was the child playing with?

Answer: The child was playing with cubs.

Question 9: What kind of maiden did Shakuntala grow into?

Answer: Shakuntala grew into a young maiden.

Question 10: How were King Dushyant and Shakuntala married?

Answer: King Dushyant and Shakuntala were married according to the Gandharva System.

Question 11: What did Shakuntala name her son?

Answer: Shakuntala named her son Bharata.

Question 12: Where did King Dushyant search for Shakuntala?

Answer: King Dushyant searched for Shakuntala in many hills, dales and the deepest jungles.

Question 13: What curse did Rishi Durvasa give Shakuntala and why?

Answer: Shakuntala was lost in the thoughts of her husband when Rishi Durvasa arrived at the ashram. He was dazzled to see her and asked her to give alms but she did not hear him as she was thinking of Dushyant. So, Durvasa gave her a curse, “The person in whose thoughts you are lost will forget you” and went away.

Question 14: What did Rishi Kanva do after returning to the ashram?

Answer: Rishi Kanva after listening to Shakuntala’s story, at once decided to send her to the king’s palace along with his two disciples.

Question 15: When did King Dushyant remember Shakuntala?

Answer: King Dushyant remembered Shakuntala on seeing the ring which the shopkeeper showed him.

So, these were Shakuntala Questions & Answers.

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