An Unlikely Punishment Questions & Answers

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An Unlikely Punishment Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The one thought that captured Jean Valjean’s mind was that of the

i. silver on the bishop’s table
ii. dinner that he had with the bishop
iii. cathedral clock striking two

(b) Valjean carried the spike to Monseigneur Bienvenu’s bedroom to

i. cut the silver with it
ii. open the locked door
iii. attack the bishop if he woke up

(c) When Mme Magloire informed Monseigneur Bienvenu that the silver had been stolen, he said that

i. they should report it to the police
ii. he should have given it away to the poor a long time ago
iii. he would buy new ones

(d) On reading the extract, we may conclude that Monseigneur Bienvenu

i. expected Jean Valjean to steal the silver
ii. hoped that Jean Valjean would steal the silver
iii. wanted to punish Jean Valjean

(e) The extract ends with a sense of

i. regret
ii. hope
iii. fear

Question 2: What did Jean Valjean do once he was in the bishop’s bedroom?

Answer: Once Jean Valjean was in the bishop’s bedroom, he looked at the sleeping and peaceful bishop then proceeded to open the cupboard to grab the basket of silver.

Question 3: Why was Mme Magloire dumbfounded?

Answer: Mme Magloire was dumbfounded because the bishop asked her if the silver was really theirs.

Question 4: Why was the Monseigneur not worried about the theft?

Answer: The Monseigneur was not worried about the theft because he knew who did it.

Question 5: Why was Valjean surprised when he was presented in front of the Monseigneur?

Answer: Valjean surprised when he was presented in front of the Monseigneur because he thought the bishop was a district priest, not the bishop himself.

Question 6: What happened after the gendarmes released Valjean?

Answer: After the gendarmes released Valjean, the bishop asked Valjean to not forget to take the silver candlesticks and handed them to him.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

The ugly thought came and went and at the same time, unaccountably, he was thinking of something entirely different.

(a) Who is ‘he’?

Answer: He is Jean Valjean.

(b) Describe the ‘ugly thought’.

Answer: The ‘ugly thought’ was the thought to steal the silver candlesticks.

(c) What was the ‘entirely different’ thing that he was thinking of?

Answer: The ‘entirely different’ thing that he was thinking of the check design of that brace that belonged to one of his fellow-prisoners called Brevet.

(d) What did he do next?

Answer: He got up to his feet and listened.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘I have bought your soul to save it from black thoughts and the spirit of perdition and I give it to God.’

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: These words were said by the bishop to Jean Valjean.

(b) How had the speaker bought the listener’s soul?

Answer: The speaker had bought the listener’s soul by giving away the silver candlesticks and other items of silver.

(c) Why do you think the speaker saved the listener?

Answer: The speaker saved the listener because he believed that he could turn Valjean’s life around.

(d) How do you think the listener felt at that moment?

Answer: The listener must have felt scared and grateful at the same time.

Question 9: The narrator says that Jean Valjean was in a ‘state of great indecision.’ Why do you think he say so?

Answer: Jean Valjean was torn between opposing forces. He wanted to worship the bishop or kill the man. The first time he was imprisoned for nineteen years for stealing bread. This time it was silver, an item of much higher value. So, he didn’t know what would happen if he was caught now.

On the other hand, if he got away, the silver candlesticks would be worth two hundred francs and could feed him for a few more days. He was torn between being good and being a thief yet again. Being good will not fill his stomach and if he had to be a thief, he had to be imprisoned.

Question 10: Write a brief character sketch of Monseigneur Bienvenu?

Answer: Monseigneur Bienvenu could see into the heart of Jean Valjean and knew that the silver candlesticks and other items might be stolen that night. Yet, he did not lock them up. He also saw hope in Jean Valjean so, he decided to help him by ‘giving away’ the silver. He was also not a man who liked material things. He was not perturbed that he could not eat on the silver plates. He didn’t mind eating on wooden plates. Monseigneur Bienvenu was a man of great kindness since he did not let the gendarmes take Valjean away.

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