Salaam Namaste Questions & Answers

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Salaam Namaste Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) The narrator was acquainted with Sheikh Mohammed because she bought stationery from his shop.
(b) The narrator uses the word ‘taciturn’ to describe Sheikh. It means Sheikh was reserved and spoke little.
(c) Sheikh Mohammed’s niece stayed with him because her mother was a widow and she lived with him.
(d) Tabassum’s greeting for the narrator shows that Zubeida, her mother, remembered Sudha Murthy.
(e) In the story, we note that Sheikh and Tabassum have something in common. It is that they both remembered to take something back for Ameena.

Question 2: How did Sheikh Mohammed manage his household?

Answer: Sheikh Mohammed managed his household with the earnings from his stationery shop and his wife’s Zubeida’s earrings from their tailoring work.

Question 3: What kind of people had the narrator met in the course of her work?

Answer: In the course of her work, the narrator had met wealthy people who lied and hid their wealth in order to get scholarships meant for the poor and needy.

Question 4: Why did Sheikh and Tabassum go to the narrator’s office?

Answer: Sheikh and Tabassum went to the narrator’s office one day to give the sad news that Zubeida died of cancer in spite of all the help from the narrator’s side. Moreover, Tabassum wanted to convey the ‘salaam’ of Zubeida as she told her to do so before dying. Also, they wanted to return the money left after the treatment to the narrator so that it can be handed over someone needy at that moment.

Question 5: The narrator says, ‘I was sure Tabassum would grow up to be a fine human being?

Answer: The narrator says so because Zubeida knew she wouldn’t make it so, she sent her daughter to convey ‘salaam’ to the narrator. Moreover, she knew that she was dying so, she did not want to use the rest money to be spent on her. She wanted to return the money so that it could be used for another sick person. She was a great human being and she must have passed all these values to her daughter. This made the narrator say this line.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

I asked for the cheque to be sent to him immediately.

(a) What ‘cheque’ does the narrator refer to here?

Answer: The cheque is the payment for the books that the narrator has bought from Sheikh Mohammed.

(b) Why was it to be sent immediately?

Answer: It was to be sent immediately so that Sheikh Mohammed can use the money for his sister’s treatment.

(c) What else did the narrator realise?

Answer: The narrator realised that the money earned by Sheikh Mohammed will not be enough for the treatment and he must be struggling to raise the money.

(d) What does it say about the person to whom the cheque was being sent?

Answer: It says that he was honest and sincere since he did not ask for extra help. Though, he knew that the narrator helps the needy people monetarily but he did not ask for help. Rather, he himself tried to raise the funds.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘Our earth is enriched by people like Zubeida.’

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Sudha Murthy said these words to Sheikh Mohammed.

(b) Who was Zubeida?

Answer: Zubeida was Sheikh Mohammed’s sister, a tailor and Tabassum’s mother. She was a widow and used to live with her brother along with her daughter.

(c) Why did the speaker say this about her?

Answer: The speaker said this about her because in spite of her pain and poverty, she thought about others and not for herself.

(d) What does the speaker convey through the word ‘enriched’?

Answer: The speaker conveys a sense of respect through the word ‘enriched’. The today’s world is full of selfish people who only think about themselves and it is hard to find people like Zubeida who can think about others even being in her own deathbed.

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