Anne Bakes A Cake Questions & Answers

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Anne Bakes A Cake Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which sentence in paragraph 1 shows clearly the way Avonlea responded to the Allans?

Answer: The following sentence shows clearly the way Avonlea responded to the Allans –

“Avonlea opened its heart to them from the start—everyone liked the cheerful young man and the bright, gentle lady who was his wife.”

Question 2: What made Marilla invite Allans to tea? What made her take a lot of trouble preparing the meal?

Answer: Marilla wants to invite Mr and Mrs Allan home because she has heard that they had been everywhere else in the neighbourhood but hadn’t visited the Cuthberts’ home yet. Marilla took a lot of trouble to make great preparations because hosting the minister and his wife to tea was an important matter and Marilla did not want to be outdone by any of the other Avonlea housekeepers.

Question 3: Look at paras 2 and 3. Do you think Anne was frequently asking Marilla questions? Can you guess whether Marilla was pleased or bored by them?

Answer: Yes, Marilla must have been bored by them because when Anne tells her she asked her teacher a lot of questions, Marilla says ‘I believe you’.

Question 4: In para 11, what are the things that show Anne’s enthusiasm and effort?

Answer: Anne couldn’t sleep that night and got up early, at sunrise. She was determined to make her cake despite having caught a cold from playing in the spring the previous evening. She drew a long breath when she shut the oven door, showing how breathlessly she had been working on the cake and how anxious she was for it to turn out well.

Anne Bakes A Cake Questions & Answers

Question 5: In paras 8 and 9, what contrast can you see between the two girls – Anne and Diana?

Answer: Anne is nervous and often doubts her own ability whereas Diana is confident that things will turn out well and is reassuring. Anne is imaginative and rather high-strung whereas Diana is calm and logical.

Question 6: Did Anne herself taste the cake afterwards? How can you tell?

Answer: No, she didn’t, because the text says Anne was red with embarrassment after tasting the cake and she didn’t expect the cake to taste the way it did.

Question 7: Which words in para 20 show that Anne just adored Mrs Allan?

Answer: The words in para 20 that show that Anne just adored Mrs Allan are – “Anne felt that Mrs Allan’s approving smile was almost too much happiness for this world.”

Question 8: What made Anne ‘jump up’?

Answer: Anne jumped up because she realised that the person she had been talking to was not Marilla but Mrs Allan.

Question 9: What was Anne’s double disgrace?

Answer: Not only had the cake turned out badly due to Anne using Anodyne Liniment instead of vanilla, but also Anne had failed to smell the contents of the bottle before using them, due to her cold.

Anne Bakes A Cake Questions & Answers

Question 10: Read the line and answer:
“We’ll have plenty without it…………….

(a) Plenty of what, without what?

Answer: Plenty of cake and other things to eat, without Anne’s layer cake.

(b) What problem was Marilla looking at?

Answer: The problem was of the possibility of Anne’s cake not rising.

(c) How was Marilla’s view of the problem different from Anne’s?

Answer: Marilla’s view was that Anne’s cake was not very important nor necessary, as there were other things to eat, but Anne was worried that if the cake didn’t rise, she would fail to bake a nice cake for Mrs Allan.

Question 11: Did Anne go on being miserable for long?

Answer: No, because Anne ‘permitted herself to be led down and comforted’. The paragraph also says that she had enjoyed the evening more than she had expected.

Question 12: Read the line and answer:
Marilla saw her expression and quickly tasted the cake.

(a) Whose expression did she see? What was the expression?

Answer: Marilla saw Mrs Allan’s expression. It was a strange expression indicating that there was something wrong with the cake.

(b) What did she guess from that expression? What did she do?

Answer: Marilla guessed that there was something wrong with the cake. She quickly tasted the cake to confirm her guess.

(c) Do you think Anne noticed any of it? Can you guess why?

Answer: Anne did not notice it probably because Mrs Allan did not say a word and ate the cake steadily. Also, Anne hadn’t eaten the cake herself yet.

Question 13: Read the line and answer:
“Suppose you tell her so yourself,” said a kind voice.

(a) Whose kind voice? Who was it speaking to? Where?

Answer: Mrs Allan’s kindly voice, speaking to Anne, in Anne’s bedroom.

(b) Tell what? Tell whom?

Answer: Tell Mrs Allan that the liniment Anne had put into the cake by mistake was not poisonous.

So, these were Anne Bakes A Cake Questions & Answers.

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