Beethoven Questions & Answers

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Beethoven Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dedication – the effort that is put into an activity
  • Revelation – something that is regarded as divine
  • Mediocre – of average quality
  • Prodigy – a young person who is unusually talented for their age
  • Speculation – act of forming opinions without knowing facts
  • Dyslexia – a disorder that results in difficulty in reading and writing spellings

Question 1: Whom do you think Beethoven inherited his musical talents from?

Answer: Beethoven inherited his musical talents from his father. His father began teaching him violin and piano when he was four years old.

Question 2: How did Beethoven perform as a student?

Answer: Beethoven was a mediocre student. He was not good at studies specially at maths and spellings.

Question 3: How did Beethoven’s father treat him when he was a child?

Answer: Beethoven’s father was very strict and treated him very harshly when he was a child. His father beat him for even small mistakes.

Question 4: Why did Beethoven leave his hometown for Vienna?

Answer: Beethoven left his hometown for Vienna to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to musical study.

Question 5: What kind of a person was Beethoven?

Answer: As Beethoven was a laborious man but he was also short tempered and absent minded so he was very lonely.

Question 6: What was the biggest tragedy in Beethoven’s life. Did it stop him from composing?

Answer: Beethoven became deaf later in his life and that was the biggest tragedy. No, it did not stop him from composing music.

Question 7: Which were the greatest late works of Beethoven?

Answer: The greatest late works of Beethoven were Miss Solemnis and String Quartet No 14.

Question 8: Answer the following:

(a) Where was Beethoven born?

Answer: Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bonn, Germany.

(b) Which disorder did the biographers think Beethoven might have?

Answer: Dyslexia

(c) Which musician has been described as a musical prodigy?

Answer: Mozart

(d) Which is Europe’s cultural capital?

Answer: Vienna

(e) Who did Beethoven learn piano from in Vienna?

Answer: Haydn

(f) What was the name of the Opera he composed?

Answer: Fidelio

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