Brave Babli Questions & Answers

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Brave Babli Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Drowning – dying under water because you cannot breathe
  • Chased – ran after somebody
  • Banks – the side of a river and the land near it
  • Rocked – made it shake with great force
  • Thud – the sound made when a heavy object hits something else
  • Deed – an action that is usually very good or very bad
  • Award – a prize for something

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) The Prime minister of India gave a bravery award to Babli on 25 January 2005.
(b) Babli dreams of going to school but her family has no money for the school fee.
(c) She likes to help her family and work hard.
(d) In the evening on 30 June 2004, six young children were playing on the bank of the Ganga.
(e) They climbed onto a vegetable cart and started jumping on it.
(f) Babli jumped three times into the water to save the children.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Babli saved six children from

i. falling in a well
ii. drowning in a river

(b) The cart with the six children on it.

i. rolled down the sandy slope towards the river.
ii. rolled down the sandy road towards the river.

(c) Who helped Babli save the children?

i. All the people helped Babli save the children.
ii. Only Babli’s brother helped Babli save the children.

(d) Who wrote about Babli’s brave deed?

i. A newspaper reporter wrote about it in ‘Amar Ujala’.
ii. A shopkeeper wrote about it in ‘Amar Ujala’.

Question 3: Why couldn’t Babli go to school?

Answer: Babli could not go to school because her family has no money for the school fee.

Question 4: What does Babli love to see?

Answer: Babli loves to see the twinkling stars and the changing shape of the moon.

Question 5: What kind of girl was Babli?

Answer: Babli was always smiling and helpful. She had faith in hard work and God. She always used to help her mother with work in the house.

Question 6: Which award did Babli get from the Prime minister of India?

Answer: Babli got the Bapu Gayadhani National Bravery Award on 25 January 2005 from the Prime minister of India.

Question 7: For what deed Babli got the bravery award?

Answer: Babli saved six children from drowning in river Ganga and so, she got the bravery award for this deed.

So, these were Brave Babli Questions & Answers.

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