Bread Making Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Bread Making Questions & Answers.

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Bread Making Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Kneading – to press with the hands
  • Dough – a thick mixture of flour and liquid or water
  • Knuckles – the part where fingers join the hand
  • Plump – well rounded
  • Embers – small pieces of burning coal
  • Shovels – place something with a shovel, a tool with a long handle and a blade

Question 1: What was Mother doing? How did she knead the dough?

Answer: Mother was kneading a dough. She was kneading the dough with her hands by using her knuckles.

Question 2: What is the meaning of the line, ‘Till the sticky, shapeless lump/Grows a pillow……’?

Answer: The lines mean that the mother kneads the sticky, shapeless dough to turn it into a pillow like rounded shape.

Question 3: Why did the children run away from the kitchen?

Answer: As the flames from the open oven door leaped, the children could feel the hot breath of the fire. This made them wink and run away from the kitchen.

Question 4: When did Mother shovel in the bread?

Answer: When the fire burnt red hot, mother shoveled the bread into the oven.

Question 5: What told Mother that the bread was baking well?

Answer: When a warm and delicious smell filled the air, the mother came to know to the bread was baking well.

Question 6: When would the children get to eat the bread?

Answer: Once the baking is done and the bread will turn golden like wheat, the children would get to eat it.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Leaves it rising high and higher

(a) What is left to rise higher and higher?

Answer: The dough is left in the buttered tin to rise higher and higher.

(b) What does Mother do with ‘it’ before it is left to rise?

Answer: Mother kneads the dough and cuts it into pieces before it is left to rise.

(c) What does Mother do in the meantime?

Answer: In the meantime, Mother goes to make the fire.

2. Till their hot breath, as they play,
Makes us wink and run away.

(a) What is being spoken about in these lines?

Answer: The flames of the fire burning in the oven is being spoken about in these lines.

(b) Where are ‘they’ playing?

Answer: They are playing in the oven.

(c) Who is referred to as ‘us’? Why do they run away?

Answer: The children are referred to as ‘us’. They could feel the hot breath of the fire and it made them wink and run away from the kitchen.

Question 8: Why does the poet wish to eat freshly made bread everyday?

Answer: The poet enjoys watching his mother make bread and loves the smell and the taste of freshly made bread. So, the poet wishes to eat it everyday.

So, these were Bread Making Questions & Answers.

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