Little Tiger Cat Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Little Tiger Cat Questions & Answers.

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Little Tiger Cat Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Stealthily – quietly and secretly
  • Folks – people
  • Tame – not wild
  • Stern – very serious
  • Contemplation – deep thought
  • Station – social position

Question 1: What kind of face did the tiger cat have?

Answer: The tiger cat had a spotted face.

Question 2: How did the tiger cat move through the grass?

Answer: The tiger cat moves slowly, quietly and secretly through the grass.

Question 3: What was the tiger cat waiting to do?

Answer: The tiger cat was waiting to jump out suddenly from behind the grass and scare the people when they passed by.

Question 4: How did it think people will react if it jumped out?

Answer: The tiger cat thought that people would get scared and run to their houses as fast as they could.

Question 5: What did the tiger cat want to imitate? Why did the poet call that animal the tiger cat’s ‘wild relation’?

Answer: The tiger cat wanted to imitate the tiger. The poet called that animal the tiger cat’s ‘wild relation’ because a tiger also belongs to the cat family. However, unlike the cat, who is tame, the tiger is generally ferocious.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. And send them running to the house as fast as they can go?

(a) Who does ‘them’ refer to?

Answer: ‘Them’ refers to the people passing by.

(b) Who would send ‘them’ running?

Answer: The tiger cat would send ‘them’ running.

(c) Why would they run to the house?

Answer: The people would be frightened by the sudden appearance of the tiger cat. They would mistake it for a tiger and would run to the house.

2. And with all your hiding and your stern contemplation
You cannot scare a single one of high or lowly station…..

(a) What does the poet mean by the phrase ‘stern contemplation’?

Answer: The phrase ‘stern contemplation’ means a serious look.

(b) Why couldn’t the creature scare anyone in spite of its hiding and ‘stern contemplation’?

Answer: The creature couldn’t scare anyone in spite of its hiding and ‘stern contemplation’ because it was rather small and quite tame.

(c) Who do you think the poet was referring to as ‘a single one of high or lowly station’?

Answer: The poet was referring to both rich and poor people.

So, these were Little Tiger Cat Questions & Answers.

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