Oliver Goes To London Questions & Answers

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Oliver Goes To London Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Orphan – a child who has lost both parents
  • Milestone – a stone on the road to indicate the distance to a particular place in miles
  • Sore – painful
  • Turnpike – gate set across a road where people have to pay money to pass
  • Queerest – strangest
  • Bowlegs – legs that curve outwards like a bow
  • hearty – large
  • Threatened – here, was in danger of
  • Filth – dirt
  • Gleamed – shone brightly
  • Watchword – a secret word used to get entry
  • Greasy – oily
  • Shrivelled – wrinkled
  • Flannel – a soft, light woollen fabric

Question 1: Why was Oliver running away?

Answer: Oliver was running from the orphanage because he was unable to bear the ill treatment and cruelty at the orphanage. He also wanted to seek his fortune.

Question 2: How far did he travel on the first day?

Answer: Oliver decided to walk to London. He walked twenty miles on the first day.

Question 3: Where did he sleep at night?

Answer: Oliver slept under a haystack in a meadow at night.

Question 4: Who showed kindness to Oliver and how?

Answer: Oliver was shown kindness by a turnpike man who gave him bread and cheese. A generous lady also gave him some food without which Oliver would have certainly died.

Question 5: Describe Jack Hawkin’s appearance in your own words.

Answer: Jack Hawkins was one of the queerest looking boy Oliver had ever seen. He was short with bow legs and little, sharp, ugly eyes. He wore a hat that was too large for him and a man’s coat which reached almost to his heels. He behaves as he was much elder to his age.

Question 6: Why did Oliver wonder whether he should run away from London?

Answer: When Oliver and Jack Hawkins walked through the narrow streets, Oliver looked around him and found that it was one of the dirtiest places he had ever seen. The air was filled with the smell of filth which made Oliver wonder whether he should run away from London.

Question 7: How did Jack Hawkins help Oliver?

Answer: Jack Hawkins helped Oliver by buying him some bread and meat. He next took Oliver to a pub where Oliver had a hearty meal and arranged a place for him to sleep that night.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

“I can see you need some food.”

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Jack Hawkins said these words to Oliver.

(b) Why did the person spoken to need food?

Answer: The person spoken to had travelled a long distance. He needed food immediately as he was very hungry and tired.

(c) How far the person spoken to travelled? For how many days he been travelling?

Answer: The person spoken to had travelled thirty-two miles. He had been travelling for seven days.

Question 9: Describe the old man.

Answer: The old man was shrivelled with a horrible face which was hidden by his dirty hair. He wore a greasy flannel gown.

Question 10: What was the old man doing?

Answer: The old man was standing in front of the fire and frying some meat. He seemed to be dividing his attention between the meat and a large number of handkerchiefs which were hanging on a line.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

‘He’s a friend’.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Jack Hawkins said these words to the old man.

(b) Who does ‘he’ refer to?

Answer: He refers to Oliver.

(c) What did the speaker do next?

Answer: The speaker led Oliver up to a dark and broken stair. He threw open the door of a room and drew Oliver in after him.

Question 12: What kind of a boy do you thin Jack Hawkins was?

Answer: Jack Hawkins was a smart and helpful boy who fed Oliver, took him to London and arranged a place for Oliver to stay.

Question 13: Why was a watchword needed to enter the old man’s house?

Answer: The old man’s house seemed to be a place where some secrets were being hidden hence, a watchword was needed to enter the house.

So, these were Oliver Goes To London Questions & Answers.

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