Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Questions & Answers

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Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does Charlie get every year on his birthday?

Answer: Charlie gets a chocolate bar every year on his birthday.

Question 2: How many children were allowed to enter the factory?

Answer: Five children were allowed to enter the factory.

Question 3: Who accompanied Charlie to the factory?

Answer: Charlie’s grandpa, Joe accompanied Charlie to the factory.

Question 4: What happens to Augustus in the chocolate room?

Answer: Augustus fell into the chocolate river, where the current pulled him through a series of glass pipes.

Question 5: Who are the Oompa-Loompas?

Answer: Oompa-Loompas are doll sized human beings who work for Willy Wonka. He had saved them from the dangerous country of Loompaland. They agreed to work for Wonka and live in his factory in exchange for a safe home and an endless supply of cacao beans which was their favourite food.

Question 6: What does Charlie win by being the only child to Mr Wonka’s tour?

Answer: Charlie wins the chocolate factory which he would run when he would reach his adulthood. Mr Wonka would also teach him the secrets of the business. Moreover, he said Charlie to bring his family to live at the chocolate factory.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. One day while returning from school, Charlie found a 50 penny bill on the sidewalk and used it to purchase two chocolate bars.

(a) Why did Charlie purchase chocolate bars?

Answer: Charlie purchased chocolate bars in the hope of finding the Golden Ticket.

(b) Did he get what he wanted?

Answer: Yes, Charlie was the last child to win a Golden ticket.

(c) How many family members could accompany the Golden ticket winner?

Answer: One or two family members could accompany a Golden ticket winner.

2. He said he wanted to give the factory to Charlie who will be expected to run the business when he would reach adulthood.

(a) Whom does he refer to?

Answer: He refers to Willy Wonka.

(b) Why was Charlie chosen for the job?

Answer: Willy Wonka was very pleased with Charlie since he was very obedient and didn’t cause any mishap in the factory. So, he chose Charlie for the job.

(c) Would he also teach Charlie the secrets of the business?

Answer: Yes, Wonka would teach Charlie the secrets of his business.

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