Chhuk Chhuk Questions & Answers

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Chhuk Chhuk Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Chhuk-Chhuk was

(a) a red train.
(b) a red toy train.

2. Chhuk-Chhuk became very proud when it heard

(a) children praising it.
(b) parents praising it.

3. All the toys in the toy basket were

(a) rude to Chhuk-Chhuk.
(b) friendly towards Chhuk-Chhuk.

4. Chhuk-Chhuk

(a) did not talk to the toys in the toy basket.
(b) talked to the toys in the toy basket.

5. Who accidentally kicked Chhuk-Chhuk into a bush?

(a) Rahul
(b) Atul

6. Who looked for the toy train and brought it back into Rahul’s room?

(a) all the toys
(b) Teddy and Sim-Sim

Question 2: Who said what?
Write the names of the toys or the persons who said the following sentences.

1. ‘What a beautiful toy train! Look, how quickly it moves on the railway tracks!’

Answer: Children

2. ‘Will you give us a ride, Chhuk-Chhuk?’

Answer: Mithu, the parrot.

3. ‘Mithu, it’s true what you say but I think Chhuk-chhuk is in trouble. We must help it.’

Answer: Teddy

4. ‘I’m sorry, I was rude to all of you. Will you be my friends?’

Answer: Chhuk-Chhuk

Question 3: Describe Chhuk-Chhuk.

Answer: Chhuk-Chhuk was a red toy train. It had a powerful headlight, a bell, three carriages and many strong wheels. Whenever Chhuk-Chhuk moved, the headlight shone brightly and the bell rang loudly.

Question 4: When did Chhuk-Chhuk become very proud?

Answer: Seeing Chhuk-Chhuk, the children would scream, ‘What a beautiful toy train!’ and how quickly it moves on the railway tracks!’. Hearing these words of praise, Chhuk-Chhuk became very proud.

Question 5: Why did Rahul shout with joy?

Answer: Rahul’s grandfather gave him Chhuk-Chhuk as a present. Seeing Chhuk-Chhuk, he shouted with joy.

Question 6: Why did Chhuk-Chhuk start feeling tired and sleepy?

Answer: Rahul’s friends, Atul and Mohan made Chhuk-Chhuk run many times round the garden. That is why, it started feeling tired and sleepy.

Question 7: How was Chhuk-Chhuk brought back to Rahul’s room?

Answer: All the toys agreed to look for Chhuk-Chhuk. And so, they went into the garden to find it. Suddenly, they heard sobs coming from a bush. They ran towards it and found Chhuk-Chhuk lying in it. Teddy and Jumbo pulled it out and brought it back to Rahul’s room.

Question 8: How did the toys take care of Chhuk-Chhuk?

Answer: All the toys cleaned Chhuk-Chhuk properly. Sim-Sim, the clown taped Chhuk-Chhuk’s headlight back into place. Then, it painted over all the scratches with red paint. Chhuk-Chhuk looked bright and happy again.

Question 9: How did Chhuk-Chhuk become friends with all the toys?

Answer: When all the toys took good care of Chhuk-Chhuk, its eyes got filled with tears and it felt sorry to them for its rude behaviour. The toys accepted the sorry and that is how Chhuk-Chhuk became friends with all the toys.

So, these were Chhuk Chhuk Questions & Answers.

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