Chips Questions & Answers

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Chips Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sumptuous – delicious
  • Wafted – passed gently through the air
  • Slurped – drank with a loud, sucking noise
  • Shuddered – trembled with fear

Question 1: What did Mother ask the family when they came downstairs? Why?

Answer: Mother asked the family if they knew what chips were because the foreign soldiers had just handed her a sack and asked her to cook chips for their lunch.

Question 2: Why was the family so surprised when they opened the sack?

Answer: The sack was full of big, new potatoes. The family was surprised because they had not seen such a huge number of potatoes since the war began.

Question 3: Why did Mother want the children to sit still?

Answer: Mother did not want the soldiers to be disturbed or annoyed. She also wanted to protect children and keep them safe.

Question 4: Why did the soldiers start shouting when Mother served them the soup?

Answer: The soldiers started shouting because they wanted chips, which were very different from the soup that Mother served to them.

Question 5: What did the family do after the soldiers left?

Answer: After the soldiers left, they added potato peel to the pot with more herbs and cooked it up. Then, they enjoyed having the stew along with soldier’s rye bread.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

“We will be back at twelve noon. Have the chips ready by then.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The dark-haired soldier said these words to the mother.

(b) What should be ready before they come?

Answer: Mother should have the chips ready before they come.

(c) Why did the soldier mention the time?

Answer: The soldier mentioned the time because he wanted to have the chips for their lunch at twelve noon.

So, these were Chips Questions & Answers.

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