Crow Boy Questions & Answers

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Crow Boy Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Immediately – at once
  • Struck with wonder – surprised and delighted
  • Trudged – walked with slow and heavy steps
  • Imitate – make the same sound as something else

Question 1: Why did the boys find Chibi strange?

Answer: The boys found Chibi strange because he was very small.

Question 2: How did Chibi surprise all the boys in school?

Answer: Chibi surprised all the boys in school by producing different sounds of crows and each sound he produced was very real.

Question 3: What was the new name Chibi was known by? Why?

Answer: Chibi was called ‘Crow Boy’ because he had imitated the voices of crows at the talent show in his school.

Question 4: Did Chibi like the new name?

Answer: Yes, Chibi liked the new name. He nodded and smiled whenever anyone called him by that name.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

While we played, he often spent time talking to Chibi.

(a) Who is ‘he’? What did ‘he’ talk to Chibi about? Why?

Answer: He is Mr Isobe. He used to talk to Chibi about nature and to try to find out more about him and his interests.

(b) What did he learn about Chibi during this time?

Answer: Mr Isobe learned that Chibi had a special gift for connecting with nature.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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