The Trumpet of The Swans Questions & Answers

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The Trumpet of The Swans Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The cob was furious because he

(a) did not want to be watched by a human deep inside a jungle.
(b) knew that the fox was trying to attack them.

2. The swan asked the cob not to fight with the boy because

(a) she was afraid that the boy would hurt the cob.
(b) the boy was sitting quietly and had not attacked them.

3. The boy was sitting quietly on the log because he

(a) wanted to observe the birds and their behaviour carefully.
(b) was filled with wonder at the sight of these rare birds and did not want to disturb or frighten them.

4. The swan did not want to leave her nest because she

(a) was afraid that enemies would attack her nest and steal her eggs.
(b) wanted to care for and pay all her attention to the eggs to hatch little cygnets out of them.

5. The cob swam over to the place where Sam was sitting in order to

(a) show that he was grateful for Sam’s help.
(b) scare him away before he tried to attack them.

Question 2: Read these lines and answer the questions:

1. What she finally saw, surprised her.

(a) What did ‘she’ see? Why was she surprised?

Answer: The swan saw a small boy sitting on a log near her nest. The boy was observing them quietly. She was surprised because she could not understand how the boy had reached the place to deep inside the jungle, where there were no roads.

(b) What did she do immediately after this?

Answer: The swan pointed out to the cob that the boy was observing them.

2. The swan decide she could safely leave the eggs for a few minutes.

(a) Why did the swan think so? Was she right?

Answer: The swan had been sitting on her eggs for many weeks, warming them. One warm afternoon, she felt thirsty. As the cob was gliding near the nest and keeping a watch on the nest, the swan felt it would be safe to leave the eggs for a while.
No, the swan was wrong.

(b) What did she do immediately after this?

Answer: The swan covered the eggs with some loose feathers to keep the eggs warm and hidden. Then, she left the nest and stepped into the pond. She quickly drank some water. She also pulled up some greens from the bottom of the pond to eat. Finally, she got out and stepped on the grassy bank. She started cleaning her feathers there.

The Trumpet of The Swans Questions & Answers

3. You are in grave danger.

(a) Who said this to whom? What was the ‘danger’?

Answer: The cob said this to the swan. The fox was creeping towards the swan as she stood on the grassy bank, preening her feathers.

(b) How did the speaker act? What do we get to know about the speaker from this

Answer: The cob warned the swan about the fox. He, however, did not do anything to try and save the swan. The cob actually was a timid bird.

4. The swans now realised that the boy was their friend.

(a) What had they thought of the boy previously?

Answer: The swan was very surprised to see the boy inside the forest and disturbed to notice him observing them. The cob had thought that the boy may try to harm them.

(b) What made them change their opinion?

Answer: When the fox started creeping towards the swan, the cob watched helplessly. All of a sudden, a stick flew through the air, hitting the fox on the nose, forcing him to turn away. When Sam stepped out of the bushes, the birds realised that he had thrown the stick to save the swan. He was their friend and was not going to harm them.

Question 3: “Boys can’t fly and there are no roads in the jungle,” he shouted. Who said this to whom? Why do you think he said this?

Answer: The cob said this to the swan. The swan was laying eggs and the cob wanted to keep her safe and secure. When he saw the little boy sitting on the log, observing them, the cob felt disturbed because he felt that the boy might try to hurt them. He also could not understand how the boy had managed to find them in spite of the precaution they took by building the nest deep inside a jungle with no roads.

Question 4: Why do you think the swan waited till the boy left to get up from her nest?

Answer: The swan wanted to protect her eggs from the boy. So, she waited for the boy to leave before leaving her nest.

Question 5: Sam never moved a muscle. What does this tell you about Sam? Use other examples from the text to support your answer.

Answer: This tells us that Sam respected the Trumpeter Swans and did not want to do anything that would scare or harm them. He also cared deeply about the birds and wanted to protect them. So, when he first discovered their nest, he sat and watched them from a distance. After watching them carefully for some time, he got up and quietly left. Later, when a fox crouched in the bushes, waiting to spring on the swan, he threw a carefully aimed stick at the fox to scare him away, and to save the swan.

So, these were The Trumpet of The Swans Questions & Answers.

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