Grandpa Farouk’s Garden Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Grandpa Farouk’s Garden Questions & Answers.

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Grandpa Farouk’s Garden Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Closely – carefully
  • Bugs – small insects
  • Chewed off – bitten off

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What did Grandpa Farouk and Amir do in the garden?

(a) They collected ladybirds.
(b) They watered the plants.
(c) They worked together and ate fruits.

2. The pests in Grandpa Farouk’s Garden were?

(a) helping the garden grow.
(b) eating all the plants.
(c) eating the ladybirds in the garden.

3. “You’ve done well, oh my boy, you’ve done so well.” What did Amir do?

(a) Amir helped water the plants in the garden.
(b) Amir collected nine pests for the garden.
(c) Amir collected ladybirds that would eat all the pests.

Question 2: Amir is a kind boy. Which of these sentences from the story show this? Choose them.

(a) Amir and Grandpa worked together in the garden every week.
(b) “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ll bring you a bug or two.”
(c) Amir gently placed the ladybirds inside.
(d) Amir put some food and water for them in the box.
(e) Amir found three ladybirds sitting on a leaf!

Question 3: Here is the story of Grandpa Farouk’s Garden. The sentences are in the wrong order. Number these sentences correctly.


…1…Grandpa Farouk had a garden.

…4…One day, Grandpa was upset.

…2…Amir loved spending time in the garden.

…5…The pests were eating his plants.

…3…Grandpa and Amir worked in the garden together.

…6…Only ladybirds could help the garden.

…8…The ladybirds ate all the pests.

…9…The garden was saved.

…7…Amir collected nine ladybirds for the garden.

…10…Grandpa was very happy.

Question 4: What did Amir like about Grandpa Farouk’s Garden?

Answer: Amir liked the flowers, the trees and the plants there. He also liked spending time with Grandpa in the garden.

Question 5: “My garden is dying.’ Why was Grandpa’s Garden dying?

Answer: Grandpa’s Garden was dying because pests were eating all the plants.

Question 6: What could Grandpa and Amir do to save the garden?

Answer: Grandpa and Amir could get ladybirds for the garden.

So, these were Grandpa Farouk’s Garden Questions & Answers.

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