Rabbit’s Turnip Questions & Answers

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Rabbit’s Turnip Questions & Answers

Word Meaning

  • Cabbage – a kind of vegetable
  • Hurried – moved quickly
  • Trudged – moved with difficulty

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

1. Rabbit found two turnips in the field.
2. Rabbit already had a turnip. So, he decided to give the second turnip to his friend Donkey.
3. Donkey had already found a potato. So, she thought of Goat who was always hungry.
4. Donkey left the turnip at Goat’s house. Goat returned home with a cabbage. He thought his friend Deer had lost her turnip.
5. So, Goat left the turnip at Deer’s door. But Deer had already found a carrot for herself.
6. Deer brought the turnip back to Rabbit.

Question 2: Rabbit found the turnip again. So, he decided to share it with all his friends. Complete the paragraph with the help of the clues in the box.

Rabbit, Donkey, Deer and Goat met and talked.

“You are all such good friends,” said Rabbit.

“You too, Rabbit The turnip was yours after all,” said Deer.

“Well, the turnip is now ours.” Said Rabbit. “Let’s make some hot and yummy soup with it.”

So, Deer brought a big pot. Donkey added water to the pot.

Rabbit cut the turnip into small pieces. Goat started the fire.

They put the turnip pieces in the pot and cooked the. Soon, the soup was ready.

They all sat together and enjoyed the soup.

Question 3: Who said to whom?

1. “I have two turnips. I will give one to her.”

Answer: Rabbit said to himself.

2. “How kind! Someone’s left me a gift.”

Answer: Deer said to himself.

Question 4: Why did all the animals have to find food?

Answer: All the animals had to find food because it was winter and it would be difficult to find food in the snow.

Question 5: How did Rabbit bring the turnip to Donkey’s house?

Answer: Rabbit rolled the turnip up the hill to Donkey’s house.

Question 6: What did Goat do with the turnip?

Answer: Goat gave the turnip to Deer.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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