Christmas Day in The Morning Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Christmas Day in The Morning Questions & Answers.

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Christmas Day in The Morning Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. “……I hate to call Rob in the mornings.” Why does the father say this?

(a) Rob was lazy.
(b) Rob was weak.
(c) Rob needed sleep.

2. What does ‘a queer sobbing sort of a laugh’ mean?

(a) a very sad laughter
(b) a laugh with a sob, when a person is overwhelmed with emotion
(c) a laugh when a person is sad but is forced to laugh

3. Why did Rob (as an old man) feel that seeing the decorated tree, his wife would be surprised?

(a) He was old and she felt that he could not decorate the tree.
(b) He did not know how to decorate the tree.
(c) A day before, they had agreed that they would decorate the tree on Christmas morning

Question 2: ‘Yet where was the magic of Christmas now?’ Why does the narrator think this?

Answer: Christmas is the time of great joy and merriment. When Rob was young and his father was alive, it was an occasion to reaffirm love and show kindness. As he grew old and was left alone with his wife, he missed the magic of Christmas. Therefore, the narrator says, ‘Yet where the magic of Christmas now?’ His children had also grown up and left.

Question 3: “Let’s not trim the tree until tomorrow……” Who is the speaker? Why does the speaker say this?

Answer: Robert’s wife is the speaker. She said so because she was tired.

Question 4: How did the idea of giving his father a special gift in the barn strike Rob? What was this special gift?

Answer: Rob’s father told him that Jesus had been born in a barn, and the Shepherd and the wise men had come there, bringing their Christmas gifts. He also told him that it was just a barn like theirs. This struck Rob with the idea of giving his father a special gift in the barn.

Question 5: “Thought you’d fool me, did you?” Why did Rob’s father say this?

Answer: Rob’s father said this because Rob was pretending as if he was sleeping but he had already milked the cows and cleaned the barn to give a surprise gift to his father on Christmas.

Question 6: Read the following sentences carefully and explain what the words in italics convey.

(a) ‘Strange, how the habits of his youth clung to him still!’

Answer: It means that he still had the same habits as he had in his young age. He was following the same routine since he was young.

(b) “Besides, he isn’t a child anymore. It’s time he took his turn.”

Answer: It was time to become responsible and come forward to work and help his father.

(c) ‘…he mustn’t sleep too sound.

Answer: He should be alert to execute his plan timely.

Question 7: What made Rob think that he could have bought a better present for his father?

Answer: Rob was fifteen-years-old boy. As he was no longer a little boy, he thought that he could have bought a better gift. He bought a gift, a tie, with ten-cents. He loved his father a lot and wanted to gift him something better if only he had the money. He also wanted to see the joy and happiness on his father’s face when he received the gift.

Question 8: Why was milking not a chore for Rob on that Christmas Day?

Answer: Milking was not a chore on that Christmas Day because Rob wanted to present a special gift to his father by doing it himself. It did not seem to be a usual chore but something special that he did for his father.

Question 9: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.

“I wish I could manage alone.”

(a) Who said the above line and to whom?

Answer: Rob’s father Adam said these words to Mary, Rob’s mother.

(b) What was to be managed?

Answer: Milking was to be managed.

(c) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: Rob’s father said so because he hated waking Rob up from his sleep in the morning because he was concerned a lot about his son.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Next, Rob decided to give a special gift to his father on Christmas.

So, these were Christmas Day in The Morning Questions & Answers.

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