A Different Diwali Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Different Diwali Questions & Answers.

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A Different Diwali Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The hands of Chinamma’s _________ were badly burnt.

(a) son
(b) daughter
(c) husband

2. How had Chinamma helped Chirag?

(a) She had saved him from a mad dog.
(b) She had stayed with him when his mother was in hospital.
(c) She had looked after him when he was sick.

3. Why was Jyoti happy with the idea of not buying crackers and giving the money to Chinamma?

(a) She had no money.
(b) She was terrified of crackers and so did not like them.
(c) She did not like crackers as they cause noise and sound pollution.

Question 2: Put these sentences from the story in the correct order.


…3…They were all fond of her.
…1…In the park that evening, all the children were discussing Chinamma’s daughter’s accident.
…4…Seeing everyone’s concern, Alok suddenly knew what they could do.
…2…They felt sorry for Chinamma.
…6…Then, it was Diwali!
…7…All the families gathered in the park to celebrate it.
…5…The next few days passed quickly in a flurry of activities.
…8…In appreciation of what the children had done for Chinamma, their fathers had organised a gala evening.

Question 3: Fill in the blanks:

(a) A cracker had exploded in Chinamma’s daughter’s hand.
(b) Alok’s mother persuaded Chinamma to accept the money.
(c) Children decided to help Chinamma by pooling in the money.
(d) Jyoti was terrified of crackers.
(e) Chinamma’s daughter admired her new doll.

Question 4: Do you think Deepak was the only child who loved bursting crackers?

Answer: No, other children also liked to burst crackers. However, they felt helping Chinamnna’s daughter was more important than bursting crackers on Diwali.

Question 5: Why do you think, Deepak handed a lovely new doll to Chinamma’s daughter?

Answer: Deepak handed a lovely new doll to Chinamma’s daughter because he wanted to gift something special to her on Diwali.

Question 6: Put the words that describe what crackers do in either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ categories. Which of the two has more points? Think, should we burst crackers or say no to crackers?



  • light up the sky
  • beautifulsights


noise pollution 

• air pollution

• injuries while making them

• injuries while bursting them

• makes the atmosphere polluted

• dirty streets

The category ‘bad’ has more points. We should say no to crackers. Crackers do more harm than good. So, we should refrain from bursting.

Question 7: Read the following statement and answer the questions:

‘He saw Mummy put some money into Chinamma’s hands and suddenly, he had an idea!’

(a) Why did ‘Mummy’ put some money into Chinamma’s hands?

Answer: Mummy put some money into Chinamma’s hands because the latter’s daughter was in the hospital with burn injuries and she needed money for expensive medicines.

(b) Who was ‘He’ and what was the idea that ‘He’ got?

Answer: ‘He’ was Alok. He got idea of giving hundred rupees that his father had given to him for crackers, to Chinamma.

(c) Do you think it was a good idea?

Answer: Yes, it was a very good idea.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Next, he goes up to his room, takes out a hundred-rupee note from his wallet and gives it to Chinamma.

Question 8: “In the whoIe of Delhi, there isn’t a colony that glows brighter this Diwali, than this one.” Do you think the magician was justified in saying this? Support your answer with reason/reasons.

Answer: The magician was justified in saying so as the children of that colony had decided not to celebrate Diwali by bursting crackers. They chose to donate the money for the treatment of Chinamma’s injured daughter. The colony glowed brighter than any other in the whole of Delhi as it showed the way how Diwali should be celebrated. Bursting crackers is nothing but sheer waste of money. However, donating for a good cause could definitely bring smiles and cheers to the families of many other deprived people.

Question 9: Do you think the title of the story ‘A Different Diwali’ is appropriate? Give reasons.

Answer: The title is an appropriate one. The children of the colony showed an exemplary act for others to follow – Diwali could be celebrated without bursting crackers! We can donate generously for the benefit of the deprived.

So, these were A Different Diwali Questions & Answers.

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