The Witch of Glentow Questions & Answers

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Written by James Stoddard Moore, this poem talks about an old woman who lived near the coast at Glentow. The people of the village accused her of being a witch and threw her into the sea.

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The Witch of Glentow Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The people of the village were

(a) intelligent.
(b) brave.
(c) irrational.
(d) logical.

2. The setting of the poem is

(a) a village by the sea.
(b) a village farm.  
(c) a cottage by the sea.
(d) a farm near a river.

3. Though, few of the people remember her now, shows the incident

(a) happened a long time ago.
(b) took place in a far-away place.
(c) was of not much importance.
(d) was not known to many people.

4. Which one of the following events did NOT take place after the woman died?

(a) Hearing her voice at night
(b) Hearing her eerie moans at night
(c) Seeing her wandering near the river
(d) Throwing village boys into the sea

5. Which of the following incidents did NOT lead the people to conclude the old woman was a witch?

(a) The old woman stayed in a cottage near a high thorn hedge by the side of the way.
(b) Two sheep belonging to a woman who refused to supply her a meal disappeared from the farm.
(c) Even if the farmers did not harm her, they suffered because she took away the butter from the milk of their cows.
(d) Two young fellows who threw the old woman into the sea, died within a year.

Question 1: Complete the summary of the poem.


An old woman of eighty came to the country. No one knew where the woman came from. The woman lived in a cottage near a high thorn hedge on the banks of a river. The old woman, though she is forgotten now, is referred to as the old witch of Glentow. The people of Glentow were afraid of the woman. They blamed her for disappearance of sheep belonging to a woman who had refused to give the old woman a meal. After that incident, the woman was not harmed but the farmers of Glentow continued to suffer. Once, two young men swore that they would slay the witch. They took the old woman out to sea and threw her into it. The old woman drowned in the sea, but people can still hear her moan and see her wander about the coast at night.

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