The Fairy King’s Magic Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Fairy King’s Magic Questions & Answers.

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The Fairy King’s Magic Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Titania did not wish to give the boy to Oberon as

(a) she thought Oberon would not treat the boy well.
(b) she wanted the boy as her attendant.
(c) the boy did not wish to leave Titania.
(d) the boy’s mother had been Titania’s friend.

2. Titania says, ‘l will not give you that boy for your whole fairy kingdom’. This shows Titania to be

(a) uncaring.
(b) loving.
(c) adamant.
(d) concerned.

3. When Oberon tells Titania ‘Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania, he means

(i) Titania, at night with your magic you can cure people who are sick. This has made you proud.
(ii) Titania, every time I meet you in the moonlight you bring illness to me. You are very proud of your magic.
(iii) Titania you will fall ill if you go out at night. You are too proud to listen to advice.
(iv) Meeting you at night is unlucky for me. You are disrespectful and unbending.

(a) Option (i)
(b) Option (ii)
(c) Option (iii)
(d) Option (iv)

4. ‘It rests with you to make up the quarrel,’ said the King. Choose the correct meaning of rests as used in this sentence.

(a) to be someone’s responsibility
(b) to lie or lean on something
(c) the things, people, or parts that are left
(d) to stop work or movement to relax or sleep

Question 2: Who were Oberon and Titania?

Answer: Oberon and Titania were the King and Queen of the fairies.

Question 3: What had caused the fight between Oberon and Titania?

Answer: Titania and Oberon fought as Titania refused to part with the boy who Oberon wanted as his page because she had promised her friend she would look after him.

Question 4: How does Oberon intend to blackmail Titania into giving him what he wants?

Answer: Oberon intended to use the magic potion to blackmail Titania into giving him what he wanted.

Question 5: Who was Puck? Why did he run to get the flower for Oberon?

Answer: Puck was Oberon’s favourite fairy. Puck was the spirit of mischief, he was very excited to play a trick on Titania.

Question 6: Why did Oberon wish to cast a spell on Titania?

Answer: Oberon wished to cast a spell on Titania so that he could blackmail her into giving up the young boy whom he wanted as a page.

Question 7: Which of the following words best describes Titania?

(a) foolish
(b) loyal
(c) adamant
(d) kind

Question 8: Which of the following words best describes Oberon?

(a) demanding
(b) revengeful
(c) short-tempered
(d) kind

So, these were The Fairy King’s Magic Questions & Answers.

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