Sportsmanship Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sportsmanship Questions & Answers.

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Sportsmanship Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Madan scattered nails as he walked along the garden path because

(a) he wanted Nikhil’s bicycle to have a flat tyre
(b) he did not like the nails
(c) he wanted Nikhil to get hurt
(d) he wanted to experiment

2. Why do you think Nikhil says, “My cycle had a flat tyre!”

(a) He wanted to hurt Madan.
(b) He wanted Madan to realise his mistake.
(c) He knew that Madan was a good swimmer and he did not want him to lose the race.

3. What did Nikhil mean by ‘atonement’?

(a) to feel sad
(b) to say sorry
(c) to do something to say you are sorry

Question 2: Here is an incomplete description of what Madan did outside Nikhil’s house. Complete it.


Madan went to Nikhil’s house at 8:00 in the morning. No one was around. Madan removed around twenty nails and scattered them along the garden path.

Question 3: State whether the following facts about Madan and Nikhil are True or False:

(a) Madan and Nikhil were students of Class VII – False
(b) Nikhil had taken to swimming a year ago – True
(c) Only Nikhil gave his name for the 50-metre freestyle race – False
(d) Madan’s bike skidded and he fell into a ditch – True

Question 4: Why was Madan selected to represent the school?

Answer: Madan had been selected to represent the school because he had been swimming ever since he was a kid and was very good at it. He had broken the school record in the preliminary selection, so he was selected to represent the school.

Question 5: Why did Madan want Nikhil to get late? What does this show about his character?

Answer: Madan wanted Nikhil to get late because in a mock race with Nikhil the previous day, Madan had lost. Now, the preliminary selection for the school competition was to be held at 10 am. If Nikhil came late, he would miss the preliminary selection and Madan would be selected to represent his school. It shows that he was a mean and selfish person. He was not a good sportsman. He did not have the spirit of participation.

Question 6: Why do you think Nikhil gave the nails to Madan?

Answer: Nikhil wanted to let Madan know that he saw Madan planting nails in his garden. At the same time, he wanted Madan to realise his mistake.

Question 7: Do you think Madan became a better person after the race? Why/Why not?

Answer: Yes, I think Madan became a better person after the race. The true spirit of sport doesn’t lie in winning but it is all about participating. A sports-person shouldn’t indulge in any foul play to win, he should be honest and truthful.

Question 8: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.

“…………but I managed to get it postponed.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Nikhil said these words to Madan.

(b) What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: It refers to the 50 metre freestyle race, which was the first event.

(c) Why did the speaker get ‘it’ postponed?

Answer: The speaker got it postponed because Madan was late. He would have missed the race. They couldn’t have the trials without the champion.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Next, Nikhil tells Madan to come quickly. So, Madan goes into the shower room to change but when he comes out, he wants to tell Nikhil about what he had done to him in the morning.

So, these were Sportsmanship Questions & Answers.

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