Persephone and Hades Questions & Answers

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Persephone and Hades Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. One day, Persephone wandered off a little too far across a stream, through a grove of trees, and into a little glade. This shows Persephone was

(a) careless.
(b) adventurous.
(c) brave.
(d) foolish.

2. Demeter says to Zeus, ‘Hades has captured Persephone and taken her down to the dark Underworld. Until she is returned to me, I will cause a famine to come upon the land.’ Here her tone is

(a) angry.
(b) sorrowful.
(c) pained.
(d) threatening.

3. What do you think the weather was like on Earth before Hades carried Persephone off?

(a) There was eternal Spring on Earth with flowers blooming all year round.
(b) Earth had four seasons — Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
(c) There was eternal Winter on Earth and nothing grew
(d) Earth experienced heat and drought every year.

4. Based on your reading of the story of Persephone and Hades, what do you think Hades is thinking as he gives Persephone the pomegranate to eat.
(i) Poor Persephone! She must be hungry. Let me give her a fruit to eat.
(ii) Persephone must be hungry. This fruit may tempt her and she may eat it.
(iii) The only way I can keep Persephone here is by getting her to eat this tempting fruit.
(iv) Persephone may forget her mother if I can give her things she likes.

(a) option (i)
(b) option (ii)
(c) option (iii)
(d) option (iv)

5. Hades’ action of giving Persephone the fruit shows that he was

(a) kind.
(b) cunning.
(c) generous.
(d) selfish.

Question 2: Who was Hades? Where did he take Persephone?

Answer: Hades was the dark God of the Underworld. He took Persephone with him to the Underworld.

Question 3: Why was Zeus at first reluctant to help Demeter get her daughter back from Hades?

Answer: Zeus was reluctant to help the Demeter get her daughter back from Hades because Hades was Zeus’ brother.

Question 4: Why did Demeter not want her daughter to marry Hades?

Answer: Demeter did not want to Persephone to marry Hades because Persephone was a spring child. She needed sunshine to survive which was not there in the dark Underworld.

Question 5: How did the Earth suffer as a result of Demeter’s anger?

Answer: Demeter caused famine on Earth. The blazing sun continued to parch the fields, shrivelling the wheat, corn and barley. The soil got hard and so cracked. There was no greenery anywhere and cattle and people were starving.

Question 6: Persephone ate four seeds of the pomegranate. What was the result of it?

Answer: By law, someone who has eaten in the Underworld cannot return to earth. Persephone had eaten four seeds of pomegranate; therefore, she had to return to Hades for four months.

So, these were Persephone and Hades Questions & Answers.

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