Durga and Opu Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Durga and Opu Questions & Answers.

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Durga and Opu Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Opu stopped Durga from eating the berries. This shows he is

(a) cautious.
(b) the one in charge.
(c) responsible.
(d) kind.

2. Which of the following adjectives best describes Durga?

(a) careful
(b) thoughtless
(c) irresponsible
(d) reckless

3. And once more she looked around nervously. Durga is nervous because she

(a) knows the bamboo grove is home to wild animals.
(b) thinks Opu’s shouting will attract the attention of thieves.
(c) hopes that they may have found a diamond that will make them rich.
(d) fears that someone may see the stone and take it away from them.

4. Sharbojoya knew no more about diamonds than they did, so she said dubiously, ‘What makes you think it’s a diamond?’ The word dubiously means

(a) excitedly.
(b) angrily.
(c) doubtfully.
(d) happily.

Question 2: Arrange the events of the story in the order in which they take place in the story.


…2…Opu found a shiny object near the pond.
…5…Sharbojoya hoped and prayed that the sparkling object was not glass.
…8…Shotto Babu, the son-in-law of the Gangulis dismissed it as crystal glass.
…1…Durga and Opu went to the Moat Lake to get some water chestnuts.

…3…Durga thought the object they found was a diamond.
…7…Though at first, Horihor did not think the shiny object was a diamond, he agreed to take it to the Gangulis.
…4…The two children rushed home to show it to their mother.
…6…Sharbojoya showed the shiny obect to Horihor when he came home.

Question 3: What is Moat Lake in the story?

Answer: In the olden days, the Mojumdars used to dig a moat round their house. Most of the moat were filled but in one place there was a hole which was full of water all the year round and that was known as moat lake.

Question 4: Where did the children go to and what did they see there?

Answer: The children went to the moat lake. They saw a lot of water chestnuts.

Question 5: Why did Opu stop Durga from eating the berries?

Answer: Opu stopped Durga from eating the berries because according to Opu, the berries were not good to eat. They were sheora berries and those berries are only fit for birds to eat.

Question 6: Who was singing very sweetly and making the leaves dance?

Answer: Inside the jungle, a yellow bird was sitting on a twig in a moynakanta tree, which was singing very sweetly and making the leaves dance.

Question 7: What did Opu and Durga get after digging out the ground?

Answer: After digging out the ground, Opu and Durga got a shiny roundish object having sharply cut facets.

Question 8: Who finally confirmed that the shiny object was not a diamond?

Answer: Shotto Babu, the Ganguli’s son-in-law, who was back from Calcutta confirmed that the shiny object was not a diamond, it was a kind of crystal glass which is used in chandeliers.

So, these were Durga and Opu Questions & Answers.

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