Dear Mr Examiner Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dear Mr Examiner Questions & Answers.

Written by Gareth Owen, Dear Mr Examiner is an informal letter written by a student to the examiner in the form of a poem. It is a humourous poem that describes student’s thoughts in the examination hall when he/she is unable to write the answers of the questions.

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Dear Mr Examiner Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Guff – silly or stupid ideas
  • Cuff – the part of a sleeve that fits around the wrist.
  • Cathedral – the main church with which the bishop is officially associated
  • Errand – job
  • Chugs – short, dull sounds
  • Peal – ring
  • Mowing – cutting down grass with a machine
  • Blame – responsibility for a fault or wrong

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) The student was very happy to read the questions – True
(b) He only wrote his name on the paper – False
(c) He imagined writing a formal letter – False
(d) Mandy has written nine pages of frightful guff – False
(f) He was given marks only for writing his name and date – False

Question 2: What does the speaker in the poem thank the examiner for?

Answer: The speaker in the poem thanks the examiner for lovely questions.

Question 3: How many questions is the speaker able to answer?

Answer: The speaker is unable to answer any question.

Question 4: What did the student realise after carefully reading the questions?

Answer: The student realised that he did not know answer to the questions.

Question 5: What instructions did he follow?

Answer: As instructed, he wrote his name, year, month and day.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Who is the speaker? Where is she/he?

Answer: The student is the speaker and is in the examination hall.

(b) Who are Mandy and Angela? What are they doing?

Answer: Mandy and Angela are the classmates. Mandy has written ten pages filled with silly things whereas Angela is copying.

(c) What opinion do you think the speaker has of them?

Answer: The speaker does not have a good opinion of them.

Question 7: What are the other things that the speaker writes?

Answer: The other things that the speaker writes are about his classmates, his mother, grandmother, unemployed men, the weather, cathedral clock and the mower.

Question 8: What are the people outside the classroom doing at the time of examination? Write any three things.

Answer: Mother going on errands, grandmother drinking tea and unemployed men doing crosswords or watching TV.

Question 9: What favour does the speaker ask of the examiner?

Answer: One favour that the speaker asks of the examiner is to give some marks for writing the name and the date on the answer script.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Who is Miss Quinlan?

Answer: Miss Quinlan is the teacher of the speaker.

(b) What has she just read?

Answer: She has just read the homework.

(c) Why is her face an ‘absolute mask’?

Answer: She has found the homework done, unsatisfactory or she doesn’t want anyone to know what she was feeling inside.

So, these were Dear Mr Examiner Questions & Answers.

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