Diamond Cut Diamond Questions & Answers

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Diamond Cut Diamond Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the characters in Column A with what is said about them in Column B to complete these sentences:

Column AColumn B
1. Kimhan’s brothera. packed a bit of rice for her husband.
2. Kimhanb. instructed the servants to bring a bowl of water.
3. Kimhan’s wifec. who lived in another city was ill.
4. Phuengd. was a simple Thai peasant.
5. The cooke. was a rich man.
6. Chief Sarutf. prepared a delicious curry.
Answer: 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-e, 5-f, 6-b

Question 2: Who was Kimhan and where was he going?

Answer: Kimhan was a poor Thai farmer. He was going to visit his sick brother who lived far away.

Question 3: Why did he not need any soup or curry to eat his food?

Answer: He did not need any soup or curry to eat his food because the delicious smell of the curry was enough for him to eat his dry food.

Question 4: Why was Phueng angry with his cook?

Answer: Phueng was angry with his cook because he felt the curry was tasteless and bitter.

Question 5: Why did Phueng’s men capture Kimhan?

Answer: Phueng’s cook told him that Kimhan had stolen the taste. So, the angry Phueng ordered his men to capture Kimhan.

Question 6: What did Phueng want from Kimhan?

Answer: Phueng wanted to be paid for the smell of the curry which he thought Kimhan had stolen from him.

Question 7: Who was the village chief? What sort of a person was he?

Answer: Sarut was the village chief. He was a wise man.

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