Mary and The Garden Questions & Answers

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Mary and The Garden Questions & Answers

Question 1: Number the sentences in correct order.


…5…Mary felt the weight of the key in her pocket.
…2…Martha told Mary that one garden was locked up.
…8…Mary stood inside the secret garden.
…3…The robin pretended to peck things out of the earth.
…4…Mary found an old key in the newly turned soil.
…1…Mary saw gardens and trees from her window.
…7…Mary turned the key in the door and slipped through it.
…6…There was a door hidden behind the ivy.

Question 2: Who had locked up the secret garden? Why had he done so?

Answer: Mr Craven had locked the door to the secret garden. It was his wife’s garden and when she died he wouldn’t let anyone enter it.

Question 3: During which season did Mary first meet the robin? Where did she see him?

Answer: Mary first saw the robin in winter. She saw him in the orchard in one of the other garden.

Question 4: How did the robin help Mary find the ley to the secret garden?

Answer: The robin twittered and chirped as if he wanted to speak to Mary. He hopped about on the ground where a deep hole had been dug by a dog. Mary looked at the newly turned soil and saw a rusty ring with a key hooked to it. She felt the robin had led her to the key.

Question 5: Descnbe the key. How long did Mary think it had been buried?

Answer: The key looked very old and was attached to a ring of rusty iron or brass. Mary thought the ring may have been buried for ten years.

Question 6: How did Mary happen to find the door to the secret garden?

Answer: The robin was swaying on a long branch of ivy. When he saw Mary, he flew from his perch to the top of the wall. A gust of wind suddenly swung aside the loose ivy leaves from the wall and Mary saw the knob of a door under the leaves. It was the door to the secret garden.

Question 7: What did Mary pause to do before she entered through the door?

Answer: Mary took a long breath and looked behind her up the long walk, to see if anyone was coming.

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