Sikkim Where Nature Smiles Questions & Answers

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Sikkim Where Nature Smiles Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Sikkim is situated amidst the __________

(a) HimaIayas
(b) Aravallis
(c) Vindhyas

2. ___________ is considered to be the guardian deity of Sikkim.

(a) Nanga Parbat
(b) Nanda Devi
(c) Kanchenjunga

3. Loosong is celebrated as the Sikkimese

(a) New Year
(b) Monsoon Festival
(c) Spring Festival

4. The Cham dance is performed only by__________

(a) monks
(b) children
(c) women

5. The New Year celebrations begin with the offering of a special ___________ to the gods.

(a) drink
(b) fruit
(c) sweet

6. In the passage, the people of Sikkim are described as _____________.

(a) fun-loving
(b) warm-hearted
(c) hard-working

Question 2: How did Sikkim get its name?

Answer: There are many stories regarding the origin of the name ‘Sikkim’. One story relates that Tensung Nangyal, the second king of Sikkim, had three wives, one of them being the daughter of a Limbu Tribal Chief. The Limbu girl brought with her seven handmaidens who were married into the best and most important families in Sikkim. They called their new home ‘Sukhim’ or ‘bride’s new house’. There were many changes to the name till finally everyone accepted the name Sikkim.

Question 3: When is Loosong celebrated? Where, besides Sikkim, is it celebrated?

Answer: Loosong is celebratcd as the Sikkimese New Year, generally in the month of December. Loosong is also celebrated by the Nepalese and the tribal communities of Darjeeling.

Question 4: Name the musical instruments used during the Cham dance. Describe the masks of the dancers.

Answer: Traditional musical instruments such as cymbals, drums and gongs are used during the Cham dance. The monks who perform the dance wear intricate masks designed like the stag, the yak, the tiger, the lion and the mystical winged Garuda.

Question 5: What is the dance believed to do for onlookers?

Answer: The people believe that that the dance throws out evil spirits and onlookers will be blessed with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Question 6: What is set on fire during the New Year celebrations? Why is this done?

Answer: An effigy of the demon king is burned during these celebrations. It is believed that by burning this effigy, people rid themselves of all evil.

Question 7: What is ‘guthuk’? How is it prepared?

Answer: ‘Guthuk’ is a special type of noodles prepared using nine ingredients, which include cheese and different types of grains.

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