Unusual Hobbies Questions & Answers

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Unusual Hobbies Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. A hobby is

(a) a job to earn one’s living.
(b) an enjoyable activity
(c) a task assigned by someone

2. Extreme sports include

(a) football
(b) kho kho
(c) skydiving

3. A well known martial art is

(a) Kathak
(b) Kalaripayattu
(c) Ping Pong

4. The art of rowing trees in different shapes is called

(a) Muay Thai
(b) Tai Chi
(c) Topiary

Question 2: What is the origin of the word ‘hobby’?

Answer: The word ‘hobby’ comes from an old English word ‘hobby horse’, which was a small horse and cart plaything for a child, who pretends to ride horses. People in earlier days thought of hobbies as kid’s play.

Question 3: What are different types of hobbies? Give an example of each.

Answer: Collecting things such as postcards, coins and curios, doing artistic things such as pottery, painting, playing sports such as chess, learning music, cooking or knitting are some of the different types of hobbies.

Question 4: Name four extreme sports.

Answer: Skydiving, parachute jumping, bungee jumping and javelin catching are some extreme types of sports.

Question 5: What could people who enjoy playing music do with their hobby?

Answer: Besides treating music as a stress buster, people who enjoy playing music could form their own bands.

Question 6: Why do people enjoy travel as a hobby?

Answer: People enjoy travel as a hobby as it gives them an opportunity to go to new places, meet new people, know their customs, try unfamiliar food and enjoy unusual experiences.

Question 7: Explain the technique of egg art.

Answer: Egg art is decorating or painting on empty eggshells. It is one of the oldest art forms. The eggshell is first thoroughly cleaned and dried. After that, the skilled carver shapes the eggshell into delicate figures, paints it over or decorates it with crystals, beads and ribbons.

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