Dog Finds His Master Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dog Finds His Master Questions & Answers.

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Dog Finds His Master Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Pack – a group of wild animals that hunt together, or a group of dogs trained together for hunting.
  • Kinsman, kinswoman – (old use) – a relative
  • Fierce – angry, violent and cruel.
  • Service – work, or duty done for someone.
  • Dart – a quick movement in a particular stated direction.
  • Cattle – bullocks, cows, farm animals, kept as property, or bred for use.
  • Panic – a sudden, strong feeling of fear.

Question 1: Why was the dog not happy with the way he was living?

Answer: The dog was sick and not happy with the way he was living because the dog was tired of wandering about by himself looking for food and being frightened of those who were stronger than him.

Question 2: With what words did the wolf reply to the dog? What did he mean by that?

Answer: “Why not” the wolf said, and that meant he agreed to be the dog’s master.

Question 3: Why did the dog take up service with the bear?

Answer: Seeing that the bear was stronger than the wolf, the dog decided to take up service with the bear.

Question 4: Why was dog very much surprised?

Answer: The dog was very much surprised to see the wolf running into the deep forest hastily seeing a bear.

Question 5: What did the bear say to the dog about the lion? Why did he say so?

Answer: The bear said to the dog that the lion was the strongest beast on earth. He was the king of the forest.

Question 6: What advice did the lion give to the dog?

Answer: The lion said, “I smell a man coming this way, we better run from here or we will be in trouble”.

Question 7: Write True or False:

(a) All dogs have followed the dog in this story – False
(b) None of the masters put any condition to take the dog into his service – True
(c) One of the masters took the dog to a feast – False
(d) Each of the masters was angry with the dog for leaving his service – False
(e) Anyone of the masters could have eaten the dog – True
(f) At last, the dog found a master who could do his duty properly – True

So, these were Dog Finds His Master Questions & Answers.

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