Friend in Need Questions & Answers

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Friend in Need Questions & Answers

Question 1: What Had Durvasa taught Kunti?

Answer: Sage Durvasa had taught Kunti a mantra. It was a secret verse to invoke the Gods. When invoked, they would appear before her and bless her with son equal to themselves in glory.

Question 2: Whom did Kunti invoke?

Answer: Kunti invoked Surya, the Sun God.

Question 3: What was Kunti blessed with?

Answer: Kunti was blessed with a child who would prove to be the greatest of all heroes.

Question 4: What did Kunti do with the child?

Answer: Kunti placed the child in a basket and set it afloat on the river Ganga.

Question 5: Why was Kunti disturbed?

Answer: Kunti was disturbed because she knew the Pandavas would fight against the Kauravas and Karna was on Duryodhana’s side. Perhaps kill them or be killed himself.

Question 6: When did Kunti meet Karna to reveal the truth?

Answer: Kunti met Karna on the banks of river Ganga where he would be at his morning prayers.

Question 7: Why did Karna refuse to leave Duryodhana?

Answer: When Krupa challenged Karna to reveal his parentage and when Bhima flung hot words at him it was Duryodhana who befriended him and it did not bother whether Karna was mere charioteer’s son. Duryodhana gave him wealth, a kingdom, power, armies-more than that he gave him a lifelong friendship. So, Karna refused to leave Duryodhana.

Question 8: What did Kunti plead with Karna?

Answer: Kunti pleaded that it was the Pandavas that he should lead, and not Duryodhana’s armies. She asked him to leave them and to join his brother’s and to defend them against the Kauravas.

Question 9: Did Karna became a traitor?

Answer: No, Karna did not become a traitor.

Question 10: What did Krishna tell Kunti?

Answer: “War is near,” Krishna said. “Your sons will fight against their cousins. There will be much bloodshed.”

Question 11: Why did Karna dislike the Pandavas?

Answer: Karna disliked the Pandavas because Bhima had flung the hot words at Karna at the tournament, where Krupa challenged Karna to reveal his parentage. Except Duryodhana none of the other Pandavas came forward to help karna.

Question 12: How did Duryodhana help Karna?

Answer: Duryodhana befriended Karna when Karna was asked about his parentage and when Bhima flung the hot words at him at the tournament. It did not matter for Duryodhana whether karna was a mere charioteer’s son. He gave him wealth, kingdom armies – and the most valuable thing that was friendship.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:

“Would I not be a traitor and a cheat, If I deserted him now?”

(a) Who is ‘I’ referred to?

Answer: ‘I’ is referred to Karna.

(b) Who was this person speaking to?

Answer: Karna was speaking to Kunti.

(c) What was the answer?

Answer: Kunti had no answer.

Question 14: Read and answer the questions:

“It is the Pandavas you should lead, not Duryodhana’s armies leave them.”

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Kunti said this.

(b) To whom was it said?

Answer: It was said to Karna.

(c) Why did she this?

Answer: She said this because Karna was her son.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:

“Your sons will fight against their cousins. There will be much blood shed.”

(a) Who does the phrase ‘Your sons refer to?

Answer: ‘Your sons’ refer to Pandavas.

(b) Who said this?

Answer: Krishna said this to Kunti.

(c) Who will fight against whom?

Answer: The Kauravas would fight against the Pandavas.

So, these were Friend in Need Questions & Answers.

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