Echo and Narcissus Questions & Answers

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Echo and Narcissus Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. Juno, the queen of heaven, was unfortunately selfish and jealous.
2. The Nymphs of the woods and forests were known as Dryads or Oreads.
3. When Narcissus found himself lost in the forest, he passed by the tall oak tree in which Echo lived.
4. Narcissus was bewildered when he heard ‘Here!’ because he could not see anyone to whom the voice could belong.
5. Echo was deeply hurt by the harsh behaviour of Narcissus, so she hid herself in the woods and mourned.
6. Narcissus lost all desire for food or sleep.

Question 2: Describe Mount Olympus. What did the Greek imagine about the abode of the gods and goddess?

Answer: Mount Olympus was a lofty mountain in Greece and its sides were covered with thick, green woods. It was so high that its peak seemed to pierce through the clouds. It was believed that gods and goddesses lived there among the clouds and the stars. The Greeks imagined the marble halls with their great shining pillars and their thrones of gold and silver. They said that the walls and the palaces were covered with pictures such as no man’s hand had ever painted.

Question 3: What did Juno find out one day? What punishment did she give when she found out?

Answer: Juno found out that Echo amused her only to please Jupiter, for Jupiter sometimes grew tired of Juno and wished to be alone. She punished Echo by taking from her the power of her tongue.

Question 4: Describe Narcissus. Why did everybody love him? Mention one negative aspect of his character.

Answer: Narcissus was a youth who was as beautiful as a sunny day in spring. He was brave and manly as well. This is why everybody loved him.
One negative aspect of his character was that though everyone loved him, but he seemed to have no heart since he loved no one, but himself.

Echo and Narcissus Questions & Answers

Question 5: What happened when Narcissus passed by the tall oak tree where Echo lived?

Answer: When Narcissus passed by the tall oak tree where Echo lived, Echo saw him and began to follow him. She longed for the power of speech so that she could speak to him, but could not do so.

Question 6: When and where did Narcissus come upon a little spring? What was he so surprised to see?

Answer: When Narcissus was tracking the game of hunting through the forests for many hours and was worn out with the exercise and the heat, he came to a shady spot in the woods, where he saw a little spring among the low bushes. He saw the most beautiful face on the smooth surface of the spring and was surprised to see it.

Question 7: How did the creature in the pool respond to Narcissus? Why did it disappear from view when he tried to touch?

Answer: The creature in the pool seemed to be fairer the more he looked. He spoke to the image and it seemed to be answering him. When he smiled, there were two starry eyes smiling back at him. When he beckoned, the image beckoned too. It disappeared when he tried to touch it because the water got rippled by his touch, which blurred the image.

Question 8: What did the nymphs discover when they went to carry Narcissus to the funeral pyre?

Answer: The nymphs discovered that the body of Narcissus had disappeared when they went to carry him to the funeral pyre and in its place, there stood a beautiful flower with a bright, golden centre and soft, white petals.

Question 9: What is the ‘lovely flower’ called to this day. Where is it found?

Answer: The ‘lovely flower’ is called narcissus to this day. It is found by quiet pools.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Here!

(a) Who said this word and to whom?

Answer: Echo said this word to Narcissus.

(b) The above word was a reply to a question. What was it?

Answer: The question was: ‘Is anyone here?’

(c) Why was the reply given in one word only?

Answer: The reply was given in one word only because Echo could only repeat the last words of others since Juno had taken from her the power of her tongue.

2. Let us come together here.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Narcissus said these words to the voice he had heard.

(b) Where did the speaker want the listener to be?

Answer: The speaker wanted the listener to be at the place where he had heard the voice.

(c) What happened when the listener met him ‘here’?

Answer: When the listener met him ‘here’, he pushed her aside roughly and fled farther into the woods.

3. Poor Echo! His unkind looks had hurt her deeply…

(a) Whose ‘unkind looks’ had hurt Echo?

Answer: Narcissus’s ‘unkind looks’ had hurt Echo.

(b) What happened to Echo after the above incident?

Answer: After the above incident, Echo grew pale and thin and began to waste away to a shadow until at last her body vanished altogether and nothing but her voice remained.

(c) Where has Echo been since then?

Answer: Since then, Echo lies hidden in the woods.

So, these were Echo and Narcissus Questions & Answers.

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