Encounter With Icebergs Questions & Answers

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Encounter With Icebergs Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the ‘Ice King’ heading to and what was its course?

Answer: The ‘Ice King’ was heading straight into the Atlantic Ocean towards the North Pole. The course of the Ice King was to be up the coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and then into Davis Strait, to Baffin Bay.

Question 2: Who were the passengers aboard the ‘Ice King’? What was the load it was carrying?

Answer: The passengers aboard the Ice King were Andy, Chet, Barwell Dawson, Dr John Slade, Mr Samuel Camdal and Captain Williamson. They were on an expedition to the North Pole. Every available space below the deck was filled with provisions and other necessities and many bags of coal were piled up on the deck.

Question 3: What made the Captain anxious one morning and how did he tackle it?

Answer: The Captain was anxious because several icebergs were drifting towards the vessel. There was also the risk of some ice getting caught in the propeller. He ordered for the speed of the streamer to be reduced and the course again changed in order to push away from one of the big icebergs.

Question 4: What happened to the boys when the ship reached the Atlantic Ocean after a few hours?

Answer: The long swells made the steamer roll a good deal and soon the two boys felt this in their legs and then in their stomachs. They were seasick for several hours. They felt miserable. Dr Slade came to their rescue and they felt better by noon the following day.

Question 5: What woke up the boys at five o’clock one morning? What did they see and hear as they came on the deck?

Answer: The boys were woken up at five o’clock one morning by the sound of tremendous thump on the vessel’s side. As a result, Chet went sprawling on the floor. There was another tremendous thump followed by a series of smaller thumps. On the deck, they heard Captain Williamson giving a series of rapid-fire orders.

When the youths reached the deck, it seemed as if during the night the Ice King had entered another world. On all sides, were large and small cakes of floating ice and at a distance, half a dozen big icebergs loomed up. The Captain was on the deck with his glass, scanning the ocean ahead anxiously. Several large icebergs appeared to be drifting directly towards the steamer and he gave orders that the course be changed slightly.

Question 6: What happened after the speed of the steamer had been reduced as it sailed among the cakes of ice?

Answer: The speed of the steamer had been reduced and the course again changed. They were pushing away from one of the big bergs that seemed to look like some giant of the Polar Regions.

The Ice King was turned into the floating cakes, which thumped and bumped loudly on the bow and sides. Then, came an unexpected crashing from the stern. A sailor yelled that there was ice in the propeller and at that instant, the engine stopped and the steamer swung around and pointed directly towards the big iceberg. Before anything could be done, the big iceberg came drifting on them slowly and majestically, a mountain of crystal-like whiteness.

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