Export Quality Questions & Answers

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Export Quality Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does the comparison of the Cottage Industries to a department store make Meera smile?

Answer: The comparison makes the lady smile because the Cottage Industries and a department store (or at least a well-organised one) are nothing like each other.

Question 2: In what way is the display in the shop ostentatious?

Answer: The display in the shop is ostentatious because it is bright and colourful, and contains things old and new, elaborate and ornate. It is very “showy”.

Question 3: What does the word ‘labyrinths’ (paragraph 4) suggest?

Answer: A labyrinth is a maze, and the shop was like one too. It was a place in which the shopper could easily get lost and not be able to find the way out.

Question 4: What does Meera think about while she is wandering about in the aisles?

Answer: While in the aisles, the lady’s mind is full with thoughts, plans, reminiscences, images, colours, sounds, and smells. These thoughts are inspired by the things she can see around her.

Question 5: Why does the cashier give Meera some stamps?

Answer: The cashier gives the lady some stamps in lieu of change.

Question 6: How does Meera describes the system in the Cottage Industries?

Answer: The lady describes the system as being ‘an in between system’, one which is neither one kind nor another.

Question 7: Why does Meera decide not to enter the section for shoes in the Cottage Industries?

Answer: The lady decides not to enter the shoe section because

1. the system (choosing downstairs, paying upstairs, collecting downstairs) is too complicated, and
2. the sunshine, sugarcane juice, and the street outside seem far more attractive.

Question 8: Why does Meera become exasperated in the shoe shop?

Answer: The lady becomes exasperated in the shoe shop because she wants a pair of shoes that will fit. The shopkeeper, however, keeps trying to persuade her that all the ill-fitting shoes will fit her in time.

Question 9: Why do you think the shopkeeper tells Meera that the shoes are ‘Y’ export quality?

Answer: The shopkeeper tells the lady that the shoes are ‘y’ export quality’ to convince her (delude her into thinking) that they are well made and better than the ones sold locally.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

a. But these are … What do I do with these?

i. Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The lady says this to the man at the cash desk upstairs in the shop.

ii. Why does the speaker not complete the first statement?

Answer: She is surprised and speaks her thought out loud but realises that the man who has given them to her knows what they are so she does not need to say it to him.

iii. What response does she get to her questions?

Answer: He tells her that they are stamps. He doesn’t answer her question.

iv. What mood does this put her in?

Answer: She is a bit irritated.

b. My heels drag along the ground, and I begin to imagine I’m taking root and almost belong—system or no system.

i. Why is the speaker walking in this way?

Answer: She is trying to get the full feel of her comfortable new chappals.

ii. To what does the speaker ‘almost belong’?

Answer: The speaker ‘almost belong’ to the country; she is not from the city or the country, but her new chappals make her feel she is part of the environment.

iii. What system is the speaker referring to?

Answer: The system she has just had experience of in the Cottage Industries store.

c. I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.

i. Where is this statement to be found?

Answer: This statement is to be found on a card that she sees being sold from a cart.

ii. Does the author agree with the statement? How do we know?

Answer: She does, because she has just had an experience that is summed up nicely on the card. She feels it is appropriate and she buys the card.

So, these were Export Quality Questions & Answers.

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