Feathered Friend Questions & Answers

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The story is set in a futuristic world, where men live on space stations. The narrator is one such resident on a space station and describes an incident that involves a pet that Sven Oisen, one of his colleagues, chose to keep with him. Below are mentioned its questions and answers. I have also shared the questions and answers of The Emergence of a Zoo, Heaven Lake and In times of Adversity so, you can check these posts as well.

Feathered Friend Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Claribel and how did the narrator come across her?

Answer 1: Claribel was a small yellow canary and astronaut Sven Oisen’s pet. One day when the narrator was sitting in his cubbyhole, he heard a musical whistle beside his ear. At first, he thought it was the sound of the intercom before an announcement but a long pattern of melody made him look up with a start and there he saw Claribel for the first time.

Question 2: The Claribel had learned to operate in the absence of gravity. How?

Answer 2: The Claribel had learned to operate in the absence of gravity by keeping her wings folded along her sides and hanging in the air without an effort.

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Question 3: Why did Sven bring Claribel on board the space ship?

Answer 3: Claribel practically had no weight and ate almost nothing. She was also not worried by the absence of gravity. So, Sven had brought Claribel on board the space ship out of sheer scientific curiosity. He wanted to see how a bird would operate when it had no weight but could still use its wings.

Question 4: Who was missing at the mess? What did Sven bring along with him?

Answer 4: Sven was missing for breakfast at the mess because Claribel had gone missing. Later, Sven came in through the doorway, slowly opened his hand and there lay a tiny bundle of yellow feathers, with two clenched claws sticking pathetically up into the air. He had found Claribel.

Feathered Friend Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did they conceal Claribel when VIPs from Earth came to visit?

Answer 5: The crew hid Claribel behind the shafts and storage space whenever VIPs from Earth would come to visit them. They sometimes had to think fast to explain the curious peeps and whistles that came from the shafts and the storage spaces.

Question 6: Why is the canary our ‘Feathered Friend’?

Answer 6: In the past, miners used to carry canaries into the mines to warn them of gas. In this chapter, the passing out and revival of the canary with the help of oxygen makes the narrator realize that something was wrong. After investigation, it is found that the single alarm had not gone off. Had it not been for Claribel, everyone would probably have passed out because of the obnoxious gases. Hence, a canary is called our ‘Feathered Friend’.

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Question 7: How did the presence of Claribel prove to be a blessing for the crew?

Answer 7: Claribel revived when she was administered a shot of oxygen. It was then that an idea came to the narrator. He asked the duty engineer, Jim if there was a gas leakage somewhere. He suddenly remembered that at one time miners would carry down canaries to check for gas. Though Jim answered in the negative, his assistant reminded him that the second independent alarm circuit had not been connected. This shook up the engineer and he went to investigate. Soon, he returned to say that the single alarm had not gone off. Had it not been Claribel, everyone would probably have passed out because of the obnoxious gases.

Question 8: Describe Claribel. What happened to her? How was she revived?

Answer 8: Claribel was a small yellow canary. She was Sven’s pet and lived in the space station. One morning, the narrator got up with a nagging headache. He sluggishly got out of the bunk and joined the rather quiet crew for breakfast. He noticed that Sven was not there. The narrator was informed that Sven had gone looking for Claribel, who was missing. Almost immediately Sven came in through the doorway. He opened his hands and everyone saw that Claribel was lying on her back with her two clenched claws sticking up in the air. When the doctor, Jock Duncan looked at her, he couldn’t understand what was wrong. Then, someone suggested that she be given a shot of oxygen. To everyone’s delight she revived when the oxygen was placed over her beak.

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