Goodbye Mr Chips Questions & Answers

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Goodbye Mr Chips is written by an English novelist James Hilton and he wrote this novel in only four days and was immediately successful. Below are given its questions and answers. I have also shared the questions and answers of Heaven Lake, Feathered Friend and The Emergence of a Zoo so, you can check these posts as well.

Goodbye Mr Chips Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of school do you think Brookfield was?

Answer 1: Brookfield was an old, very prestigious academic institution, established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth as a grammar school. It was rebuilt with large additions in the reign oh George I. this institution was supported by several notable families and it supplied man history-making men of the age such as members of parliament, judge, colonial administrators, peers and bishops.

Question 2: Write a few lines about Mr. Chips.

Answer 2: Mr. Chips had infectious humour. His reprimands were gentle, and there was a touch of humour in the way he presented things, that quite often had the errant student laughing along with the rest of the class.

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Question 3: Mr Chips felt sufficiently protected from Ralston. Why?

Answer 3: Mr Chips served Ralston quite willingly and loyally and he felt himself protected from him by age and seniority.

Question 4: Why did Ralston ask Mr. Chips to retire?

Answer 4: Ralston asked Mr. Chips to retire because according to him, his methods of teaching were slack and old-fashioned, his personal habits are slovenly, and he ignored Ralston’s instructions. Also, Mr. Chip’s gown was a source of amusement throughout the school.

Question 5: What did Mr. Chips understand about Ralston ‘in a flash’?

Answer 5: Mr. Chips understood in a flash that Ralston was trying to run Brookfield like a factory, where the single issue was a fat bank account. The old, respectable traditions had given way to snob culture based on money and machines.

Question 6: Give two instances to show Mr Chips loved his students.

Answer 6: Mr. Chips invited all the new boys for a cup of tea to get to know them. On his death bed, he called the boys to come to him for the last word, thus regarding them as his own children.

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Goodbye Mr Chips Questions & Answers

Question 7: Give instances of Mr Chips’ popularity with his students.

Answer 7: Mr Chips’ reprimands were gentle with a touch of humour. The errant students laughed along with the rest of the class. His classes were the happiest ones and the boys loved him. He always invited all the new boys for a cup of tea. The older students told the new ones: ‘Decent old boy, Mr Chips! Gives you jolly good tea and walnut cake with pink icing.’ When the news of Ralston forcing him to retire spread throughout the school, there was an amazing outburst of sympathy and partisanship such as Chips, in his wildest dreams, had never envisaged. When he finally resigned because of bronchitis, he received farewell presentations and the students loved his farewell speech.

Question 8: How did Mr Chips establish his authority as a new master?

Answer 8: When Mr Chips joined as a Latin teacher in Brookfield, there were five hundred unprincipled ruffians to whom the baiting of a new master was a fine art, an exciting sport and something of a tradition. There was a sudden hush when Mr Chips took his place at the desk on the dais with a bad-tempered expression on his face to cover his nervousness. Then, someone dropped the desk lid. Mr Chips asked him his name. The boy replied that his name was Colley. Mr Chips reprimanded him by telling him to write a hundred lines. In this manner, Mr Chips established his authority as a new master.

Question 9: Describe Mr. Ralston and the change he had brought to Brookfield.

Answer 9: The new principal, Mr. Ralston, a young man of thirty-seven, wanted to radically change Brookfield. He had the kind of personality that could reduce the Big Hall to silence by the mere lifting of an eyebrow. Ambitious and efficient, Ralston had admittedly raised the status of Brookfield as a school, and for the first time, there was a long waiting list for admission. He aimed to make Brookfield a thoroughly up-to-date school. He was trying to run it like a factory where the single issue was a fat bank account. Ralston wanted Mr Chips to teach Latin pronunciation in the new style which Mr Chips did not agree to.

Question 10: What was the result of Mr. Ralston forcing Mr Chip’s resignation?

Answer 10: Because Mr. Ralston forced Mr Chip’s resignation, there was a spontaneous outburst of sympathy and partisanship such as Chips, in his wildest dreams, had never envisaged. Ralston was feared and respected but not liked and he was thoroughly unpopular. The dislike rose to a point where it conquered fear and demolished respect. Young masters who felt Mr Chips was hopelessly old-fashioned, rallied around him because they hated Ralston’s slave-driving and they saw a champion in the old veteran. One day, the Chairman of the Governors, Sir John Rivers visited Brookfield, ignored Ralston and went directly to Chips. He urged Mr. Chips that he should not resign. And so, Mr. Chips stayed on while Ralston moved to a bigger public school.

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