Festival Of Eid Questions & Answers

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Festival Of Eid Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Agog – excited
  • Wasted away – gradually declined in health
  • Soiled – dirty
  • Hovel – a small house
  • Tongas – light, horse-drawn two-wheeled carriages
  • Ekkas – light two-wheeled carriages
  • Assault – attack
  • Mendicants – people who belong to religious groups that live on charity
  • Resounding – loud enough to reverberate

Question 1: How old was Hamid?

Answer: Hamid was four years old.

Question 2: What did Ameena tell Hamid about his parents?

Answer: Ameena told Hamid that his father had gone to earn money and would return with sack loads of silver. His mother had gone to Allah to get lovely gifts for him.

Question 3: What do the people do once the prayers are over?

Answer: Once the prayers are over, men embrace each other and go to the sweet and toy-vendors’ stores.

Question 4: How much did Hamid pay for the tongs?

Answer: Hamid had to pay three pice to buy a pair of tongs.

Question 5: Why did Mohsin laugh at Hamid’s tongs?

Answer: Mohsin laughed at Hamid’s tongs because he thought his choice of gift was crazy and asked what he would do with it.

Question 6: How does the narrator describe the excitement on the day of the festival?

Answer: On the day of the festival, the village was bustling with excitement. The boys were more excited than the others because they were going to the fair. They would be buying countless things: toys, sweets, paper-pipes, rubber balls – and much else from the money they had in their pockets.

Question 7: Why did Hamid want to gift the tongs to his grandmother?

Answer: Hamid wanted to gift the tongs to his grandmother because they would be useful to her. She often used to burn her fingers on the iron plate when she baked chapattis and this would not happen now when she had tongs.

Festival Of Eid Questions & Answers

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

Hamid’s heart sinks. ‘Let me have the correct price.’

(a) Who is Hamid talking to in these lines?

Answer: Hamid is talking to the shopkeeper in the hardware store who was selling the tongs.

(b) Why did Hamid’s heart sink?

Answer: Hamid’s heart sank because he did not have six pice to pay for the tongs.

Question 9: How did Hamid convince the other boys that his tongs were better than their toys?

Answer: Hamid proved that his pair of tongs could weather any storm, could withstand water and not break even if it was thrown on the ground. It was like a brave tiger. It could tear and be carried like a gun. The tongs could also make the same clanging sound as pair of cymbals.

Question 10: How did Ameena react when Hamid gave her the tongs?

Answer: When Hamid gave Ameena the pair of tongs, she lamented that he was a silly child to not have anything to eat or drink although it was noon. She also asked him if he couldn’t find anything better than a pair of tongs.

Question 11: The narrator says, ‘A child’s imagination can turn a mustard into a mountain’. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I agree with the statement. Lost in his world of imagination, Hamid does not see the world of reality. Though he was not having shoes on his feet; the cap was soiled and tattered and the gold thread had turned black but he still lived happily on the hopes that are built in his imagination. He believes that he will be able to fulfil all his heart’s desires when his father comes back with sacks full of silver and his mother with gifts from Allah. He feels that then he will have more than Mahmood, Mohsin, Noorey and Sammi. This shows he is happy to live in the world of hope and imagination.

Question 12: At the end of the story, the narrator says that Ameena’s love was ‘mute, solid and seeped with tenderness.’ What do you think the narrator wishes to convey through these words?

Answer: Seeing the selfless love of Hamid towards her, Ameena was completely overwhelmed. Hamid had walked all the way to the Eidgah and back but had not eaten anything and bought nothing for himself. Though, he suppressed his feelings but he came home happily to present a gift to his granny. On perceiving this act of kindness and generosity, the granny overcame with emotion. At this gift given by this selfless child who had deprived himself of all pleasures to comfort his granny, all her problems vanished and her heart overflowed with happiness.

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