Dreams Of The Future Questions & Answers

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Dreams Of The Future Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Woods – an area of trees, smaller than a forest
  • Pilgrim’s Progress – a book written by John Bunyan
  • Fasten – to tie
  • Arabian horses – a breed of horse with a reputation of intelligence, high spirit and outstanding stamina

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What was Jo doing at the picnic?

i. playing with Amy
ii. drawing
iii. playing with her doll
iv. reading a book

(b) ‘Yes, that’s quite true. I’d have lots of Arabian horses and rooms full of books.’ Who speaks this line?

i. Meg
ii. Jo
iii. Laurie
iv. Beth

Question 2: Do you think Laurie knew the four sisters well? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, we think Laurie knew the four sisters well. We can say this because he was expecting that the sisters could have invited him to join them.

Question 3: “The boy felt that he should not have come and ought to go away.” But Laurie did not go away. Why? What happened soon after?

Answer: Laurie did not go away because he was lonely. Soon after that, Beth spotted him and he joined the girls.

Question 4: Why did the girls not invite Laurie?

Answer: The girls did not invite Laurie because they thought he would not be interested in their game.

Question 5: “Meg bent to fasten her show as she spoke, and her face could not be seen.” Why did she hide her face?

Answer: Meg hid her face because she wanted to hide her blushing face as she was feeling embarrassed talking about her marriage and husband.

Question 6: Who was the eldest among the children and who was the youngest? How can you tell?

Answer: Meg was the oldest and Amy was the youngest. We can tell this because Meg said that she would be twenty-seven ten years later and Amy would be twenty-two while others would be older than Amy but younger than Meg.

So, these were Dreams Of The Future Questions & Answers.

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