First Day on The Mountain Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share First Day on The Mountain Questions & Answers.

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First Day on The Mountain Questions & Answers

Question 1: Heidi does many things on her first day. Put all of these things she does in the correct sequence.


1. Heidi hides her clothes in the cupboard.
2. Heidi makes her bed in the hayloft.
3. Heidi lays the table for lunch.
4. Heidi greets the goats.
5. Grandfather and Heidi eat supper.
6. Heidi goes to bed in her hayloft.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Heidi hides her clothes in the cupboard because

(a) she doesn’t feel cold.
(b) she wants to be free like the goats.
(c) grandfather gave her new clothes to wear.

2. Grandfather made a stool for Heidi because

(a) Heidi asked him for a new stool.
(b) there was nothing for Heidi to sit on.
(c) the only stool he had was too low for her.

3. Grandfather and Heidi go to bed

(a) in the afternoon.
(b) when the sun begins to set.
(c) very late in the night.

Question 3: Where does the grandfather live and with whom?

Answer: The grandfather lives alone on a mountain until his granddaughter Heidi joins him and starts living with him.

Question 4: How and where does Heidi prepare her bed?

Answer: Heidi prepares her bed in the hayloft. She climbs up the ladder and prepares her bed in the hayloft by using and arranging the large heap of fresh sweet-smelling hay so that she is able to look out through the round window. She also puts an extra heap of hay at one end for a pillow. She and her grandfather then spread out a sheet over the bed to give it a neat and comfortable look.

Question 5: What does Heidi eat at her grandfather’s house? Does she enjoy her meal?

Answer: Heidi has a bowl of milk, a large slice of bread and a piece of golden cheese. Yes, she enjoys her meal.

Question 6: Why does the grandfather wake up in the middle of the night to see Heidi?

Answer: The hut trembles because of a strong mountain wind that blows really hard. Heidi’s grandfather thinks that it may frighten Heidi, so he goes to check on her in the middle of the night.

Question 7: Write four qualities of Heidi that you can think of.

Answer: Heidi is a nature lover and animal lover. She is observant, disciplined, organized.

So, these were First Day on The Mountain Questions & Answers.

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