The Little Land Questions & Answers

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The Little Land Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where does the poet imagine going when he shuts his eyes?

Answer: The poet imagines going to the fairy land when he shuts his eyes.

Question 2: Mention any two things the poet dreams of doing.

Answer: The poet dreams of wandering to and fro in the forest and boarding the tiny boat (leaflet) to float.

Question 3: What will the poet do with the leaflet?

Answer: The poet will board that tiny boat, the leaflet, round the rain-pool sea to float.

Question 4: Who do you think are the creatures in armour green?

Answer: The creatures in armour green are caterpillars.

Question 5: What does the poet see when he opens his eyes? Does he like what he sees?

Answer: When the poet opens his eyes, the poet sees all plain things around him such as high bare walls, the bare floor, big knobs on drawers and the door and big people perched on chairs. No, he does not like seeing them.

Question 6: What do you think the poet means by the following?

(a) Sailing through the skies

Answer: By sailing through the skies, the poet means travelling through the sky.

(b) Grassy coasts

Answer: By grassy coasts, the poet means land covered with grass near the water body.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What does the poet do when he is alone?

Answer: The poet shuts his eyes and dreams of travelling through the sky to reach an imaginary land, fairy land.

(b) What do you think he is tired of?

Answer: He is tired of sitting alone at home.

(c) What does the poet imagine when he shuts his eyes?

Answer: He imagines he has reached a land of play, a fairyland where everything around him seems magical and beautiful.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What will the poet see in the Land of Play?

Answer: The poet sees many things in the land of play like the swallows that pass in the sky and the sun rolling by.

(b) Why do you think the sun does not notice the poet?

Answer: The sun does not notice the poet since in the fairy land everything, including the poet, is small.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Who are the great big people?

Answer: The great big people are people of the real world.

(b) What are these people doing?

Answer: They are going about their daily chores like stitching tucks and mending tears.

(c) Is the poet happy to see them?

Answer: No, the poet is not happy to see them.

(d) Why do you think he says big people talk nonsense?

Answer: The poet wishes for a life of adventure where there is fun, play, excitement and freedom. He probably finds the talks of the big people boring, mundane and meaningless. That is why he says big people talk nonsense.

So, these were The Little Land Questions & Answers.

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