Frankenstein Creation Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Frankenstein Creation Questions & Answers.

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Frankenstein Creation Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Victor Frankenstein? What did he achieve in two years of toil?

Answer: Victor Frankenstein was a brilliant young artist who used to create a living being by bringing a dead body to life.
In two years of toil, he created a wretch and gave life to a monster.

Question 2: Describe the monster as his creator, Victor saw him.

Answer: The monster had yellow skin which barely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath. His hair was lustrous black and flowing and his teeth had a pearly whiteness. His watery eyes were set in dun-white sockets.

Question 3: How did Victor spend the night the monster was created?

Answer: After creating the monster, Victor rushed out of the room. He tried to sleep in his room but started up, disturbed by his dreams. He saw the miserable monster by the dim and yellow light of the moon. The monster was holding up the curtains of the bed and his eyes were fixed on Victor. Victor escaped and rushed downstairs. He took refuge in the courtyard and passed the night miserably.

Question 4: Why did Victor return home to Geneva urgently?

Answer: Victor returned home to Geneva urgently after getting a letter from his father that his younger brother William had been found murdered.

Question 5: Describe Victor’s first sight of the monster when he arrived in Geneva.

Answer: When Victor arrived in Geneva, he decided to visit the spot where his brother, William had been murdered. Suddenly, in the darkness, he saw a figure lurking behind a clump of trees. A flash of lightning lit up the sky and revealed the gigantic and deformed shape of the creature who was actually the same monster.

Question 6: ‘I expected this reception’. What did the monster mean? Why did he search for love and companionship?

Answer: By saying ‘I expected this reception’, the monster meant that he was hated by all men and he expected the hatred from Victor as well. He further said that wherever he went, he was stoned and shot at in return. As he was ignored and hated by all so, he wanted a companion with whom he could live in peace.

Question 7: What was the monster’s condition to leave mankind and Victor in peace?

Answer: The monster asked Victor to create a woman for him who would be his bride so that he could live happily with her. He promised Victor that after getting his loyal companion, he would leave the entire world in peace and would go away to the vast wilds of South America.

Question 8: ‘Begone!’ I cried, ‘I break my promise.’ How did Victor take responsibility for his actions by breaking his promise?

Answer: Victor promised the monster to create a bride for him. However, when he gave it a second thought, he realised that he could not create another monster which might be like the one in wickedness who he had already created. Moreover, she had not promised to leave the world in peace and even if they both leave Europe, their children might terrorise mankind.

So, Victor made up his mind that he would never create another monster and by breaking his promise, he took the responsibility of saving society and mankind.

So, these were Frankenstein Creation Questions & Answers.

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