The Wrong House Questions & Answers

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The Wrong House Questions & Answers

Question 1: ‘Let’s have a look at this place’. ‘Careful Hasty!’ ‘Oh, there is not anybody awake! ‘We’re in Luck. Looks as if the family’s away.’ What does the conversation reveal about the two men who broke into the house?

Answer: The conversation reveals that the two men were the trespassers who managed to break into the house. They were elated that the owners of the house were away. This also reveals that their intention was not good and most probably, they had come with the intention of stealing.

Question 2: In which two instances had luck been favourable to the two thieves?

Answer: The two instances when luck had been favourable to the two thieves were:

When the duo, Hogan and Burns broke into the house, the residents were out for the summer and their house proved to be good hideout to stash their loot.

Earlier, when Hogan and Burns were chased by the police, a bullet had punctured the gasoline tank. Though, they had to abandon the car but they were safe and sound with the suitcase.

Question 3: ‘And we cannot steal one – and use it. It’s too dangerous. We have to buy one.’ What purchase was the speaker talking about? What had happened to the previous one? Why could they not just steal one?

Answer: The speaker was talking about purchasing a new car. Earlier, Blackie had nearly run over a policeman and in the subsequent chase, a bullet had pierced the gasoline tank of the car making it useless. The burglars knew that the police would be looking for them so, they had to abandon that car.

The duo had to invest in another one so as to escape with the money safely. If they stole a car, it would immediately come to the attention of the police authorities which they never wanted.

Question 4: ‘But what are we going to do with that?’ What was in that and how did they get it? What did the duo do with it?

Answer: In the above sentence, ‘that’ was the suitcase carrying the stolen money which the robbers got from their big robbery on the coast. In the suitcase, there were nearly three hundred thousand dollars.

The duo could neither carry the load around while buying a new car nor they could afford to be seen with it so, they decided to bury the suitcase deep in some coal that they found in the cellar.

The Wrong House Questions & Answers

Question 5: ‘The name of the gentleman we are visiting is Mr Samuel W. Rogers’. How did Hogan guess the name of the owner of the house? What does it tell us about him?

Answer: Hogan guessed the name of the owner of the house to be Mr Samuel W. Rogers. He saw the name on some of the books in the library of the house. Although, he was a thief but he was quite clever and observant which proved to be advantageous for the burglars.

Question 6: What did Mr Hogan and Mr Burns car purchase reveal about its new owners?

Answer: The car purchase reveals that both were sensible in their choice of new car. It was a very nice little car that was very quiet and inconspicuous. It was perfect for a getaway since it was very fast too.

Question 7: Fifty yards from the house, Hasty stopped. What made him realise that the residents of the house had returned?

Answer: After buying the new car, the duo returned to get their suitcase from the cellar. However, they were horrified to see that the residents of the house had returned since the front door was open and the window shades were up. This ruined their best laid plans.

Question 8: ‘Leave it to me, kid. You drive the car. I’ll do the special brainwork’. What was Hasty’s plan?

Answer: Hasty was the brain behind all the plans that were cunningly hatched out. The moment the thieves realised that the safety of their stolen money was at risk, Hasty did some quick brainwork. He quickly found a telephone directory and located Mr Samuel W. Rogers’ phone number. He called him and in his most sharp, official and impressive tone explained that he was Sergeant Simpson of the detective division from the Police Headquarters. He informed him that the Chief of Police had ordered him to get in touch with Mr Roger and he would be coming with one of his men to see him.

The Wrong House Questions & Answers

Question 9: ‘Please keep quiet about this. Don’t say anything to anybody’. Why did Sergeant Simpson of the detective division advise Samuel Roger not to talk about the phone call?

Answer: The fake Sergeant Simpson of the detective division advised Samuel Roger not to talk about the phone call since he was fearful that Mr Rogers might inform the police about his arrival. He was afraid that his real identity would be revealed.

Question 10: Who were the two imposters pretending to be? Who were they actually?

Answer: Hogan was pretending to be Sergeant Simpson of the detective division from the Police Headquarters. Burns was pretending to be Detective Johnson, the other officer accompanying the detective to see Mr Rogers. They were actually bank robbers who were trying to escape from the law.

Question 11: What did Mr Samuel Rogers look like? What was ironic about his appearance?

Answer: Mr Samuel Rogers was an ordinary looking, small man. He had pale blue eyes, an insignificant chin and a funny little face. he seemed nervous and badly frightened. It was ironic because he was none other than the chief of the police who could have shown better acting skills that could fool the criminals.

Question 12: What might have happened if Mr Samuel Rogers had not been a police officer?

Answer: In that case, both the robbers would have gone away with the money.

So, these were The Wrong House Questions & Answers.

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