The New Teacher Questions & Answers

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The New Teacher Questions & Answers

Question 1: Identify the speaker, guess the tone and reveal the character trait that is exhibited.


DialogueSpeakerToneCharacter Trait
1. I hope her plane doesn’t crashRogerWorriedCaring
2. St Geoff’s is fun.RogerHappyFun loving
3. School isn’t supposed to be a fun fest.Roger’s sisterAll-knowingBossy
4. You are not cattle milling in a pen. Come, come, form into lines.Miss OrvilleAuthoritative Disciplinarian
5. Plants and children belong on classroom. Both grow with proper care. Not by giving in to whims?Miss OrvilleMatter-of-factInformed
6. Before my retirement, I taught boys and girls for forty-six years. I am beyond trickery, so I advise you to try none.Miss OrvilleWarningNo-nonsense attitude
7. I have no knowledge of your individual abilities, perhaps a look at the weekend homework will shed some light.Miss OrvilleOpenHonest and Fair
8. We have come to play, have we?Miss OrvilleSarcasmStrict
9. Miss Awful is her name! she steals our toys. Children are plants to her!RogerComplainingGrumpy
10. If I have helped one of you to grow a fraction of an inch, if just one of you….Miss OrvilleEmotionalDevoted

Question 2: What does the odd assortment of toys that Roger smuggled to school tell us about him? How does his attitude to the toys change by the end of the final class?

Answer: The odd assortment of toys that Roger smuggled to school tell us that he was a playful and a mischievous child. Though, the assortment of toys was not permissible in school but he was courageous enough to carry them to school.
By the end of the final class with Miss Orville, his attitude changed drastically. He had no wish to have the toys back from her after he realised why Miss Orville really wanted to change the naughty class. He developed a new-found respect for his ‘witch-like’ teacher.

Question 3: Which three interesting similes have been used in the story to describe the new teacher when the class meets her for the first time?

Answer: The three interesting similes that have been used in the story to describe the new teacher when the class meets her for the first time are:
i. ‘he heard two hands clap behind him, as loud and menacing as thunder’.
ii. ‘tall and straight as a ruler’.
iii. ‘her hair was gray, like a witch’s, as were her eyes’.

These similes add to the humour of the story and the fearful impression that Miss Orville created in the young minds.

The New Teacher Questions & Answers

Question 4: The new teacher kneaded the grade into position. What does the word mean in this context? Why did the new teacher need to do it?

Answer: Here the word ‘kneaded’ refers to the coaxing and shaping the children into a line.
She needed to do this because the students were naughty and unruly and we not used to follow any discipline. Miss Orville, being a disciplinarian wan not able to tolerate such ‘cattle-like’ behaviour and so, thought it appropriate to form them into lines.

Question 5: Mention some of the drastic changes that the new teacher made right from day one. Why does she treat children like plants?

Answer: The first change that the new teacher made right from day one was the seating arrangement in the class. The desks and chairs were rearranged into definite rows rather than a usual cosy semicircle arrangement.
Secondly, she made sure that the students formed lines before marching in military precision.
Next, she informed the students that they should take their assignments, spellings and handwriting seriously else punishment would follow it and there was no place for play in her class.
She treated children like plants because she believed that children and plants belonged in classrooms. They need careful handling and both grow with proper care and not by giving in to someone’s wishes.

Question 6: Friendly as St Geoffrey’s was, Mrs Clark sometimes did wish…….What do you think Mrs Clark wished for?

Answer: I think, Mrs Clark wished that St Geoff was less permissive and teachers less lenient. The school was quite homey and Roger perhaps did not take his scholastic progress seriously, which was hardly praiseworthy.

Question 7: Why does Mrs Reeves refer to Miss Orville as a poor thing? From a poor thing, does she evolve into a hero? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Mrs Reeves referred to Miss Orville as a poor thing because she felt bad for her. She remembered that Miss Orville was a retired school teacher who had been evicted from her home of many years when the old building had to be demolished. She had been a tenant for many years yet she shown little consideration when she refused to leave and sat in a rocker on the sidewalk, surrounded by furniture and plants that she eventually lost.

Miss Orville evolved as a hero towards the end of the story. She disciplined the children in a few days, brought order in their lives and impressed on them the need to be serious about their learning. She seemed to be hero for Roger because he understood why she was so strict with the children. He followed her advice and took spellings seriously. It was Miss Orville who changed Roger from a naughty boy to a sincere one.

Question 8: To be truly educated is to be civilized. Explain the importance of Miss Orville’s last lesson in your words.

Answer: Miss Orville was right when she said, “To be truly educated is to be civilized.” This is because true education is not just acquiring knowledge but is to acquire good habits, be disciplined, acquire skills and values. Owning materialistic things is not a true measure of education rather it is important how we behave with others. We would be unbeatable if our learning is matched with generosity, compassion and humility.

So, these were The New Teacher Questions & Answers.